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Just got my greenslip renewal and it has jumped by a MASSIVE $221.00! The excuse is that the MCIS is now listed separately – so what, sisnce when does it cost $221.00 to create a separate column on a greenslip? Whilst I understand and support the MCIS, where has this HUGE price hike come from? There has been no advisory that prices were going up, ONLY that it would be listed separately. First carbon tax… now this. How on earth are families supposed to afford to register their vehicles?

Seriously… did I fall asleep and wake up in Greece? It appears that my motoring dollar has inflated by 33% in an instant. I didn’t cause the floods, I don’t push people out in front of cars, I don’t push people’s foot to the floor or make them drink and get behind the well. I’m lucky, I can afford to pay this – I HAVE to so I can drive to work so I can pay my private medical insurance, my taxes and soon the carbon tax – but what about people who can’t. So much for ‘I love a sunburnt country’… the ony thing that is burning at the moment is my budget…

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