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Hi again, I came back to write a bit more because I researched and found why CTP insurance for bikes is so high. As I understand it, the Green-Slip covers not only those you may damage or injure, it also covers your medical bills. As we all know, a bike rider is going to have fairly high medical bills after an accident. But what I can’t understand is, why no-one has explained this properly before?

You see I think most of the NSW public is like me and think that you have a Greenslip to cover what you hit on the road and the medical of people you hit, and you have you comprehensive or property damage insurance to cover yourself and vehicle. So here’s what I think, I think we should all fight back at the Insurer’s by paying the Greenslip, but cancelling the insurance. (maybe just get the cheapest third party, fire and theft policy)

The way I see it is, if we get covered either way why have two policies? That’s the rip-off right there! It’s an Insurance companie’s little catch, they only cover enough on each policy to make you need the next one too. Why not charge a one-off yearly price that covers Car, Bike, Home, Greenslip, Boat etc. Instead of $1000 for this and $650 for that and $1200 for those. The Insurance Industry needs a big shake-up, why in other States is Registration under $500 for a car? Who want’s to start an Insurance company with me?????

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