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Very Angry

I’m sure you’re getting plenty of these…but here’s another complaint about the increase in motorcycle CTP. I’ve been riding bikes for more than 15 years and have NEVER had an accident either at fault or innocent. I’ve held comprehensive insurance every year for 15 years. I’ve NEVER claimed. Now you are increasing my CTP by 34.9% becasue I own a R1200GS. Hardly a “racing hoons” bike. Meanwhile I could by a supersports 600cc and receive a 27.3% discount.

Have a look at yourselves. No wonder no one likes insurers. No wonder the NSW Labor Govt wouldn’t face the protest. Disgraceful. A great way to get more people into more cars to further conjest our already overflowing roads. This increase is appalling. Surely if I take our comprehensive insurance there is no need for CTP. Agrieved? Angry? Annoyed? You bet!

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