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As i read some of the blogs below, i think they do need to change the laws a bit especially when they have increased the “at risk” age to under 30. I remember myself when i was 24 and i couldnt wait to be 25 so i can finally pay a cheaper greenslip and now im 29 and i cant wait till im 30 to do the same. I have been a very good driver with no accidents at all. I think age should be no reason to judge someone but more on driving experience. I’ve been driving since i was 16, got my “Ps” at 17 and my full licence at 18 before the laws changed, so basically i have been driving for a long time now. But what annoys me is there are people who are getting there licence for the first time at over 30 with not much driving experience and they will get to pay cheaper greenslip insurances, which is totally unfair!

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