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Other types of vehicle registration in NSW

In this series on registration and licensing in NSW, we’ve talked about standard vehicle registration. However, there are other types of registration available. These include historic and classic, conditional and seasonal registration. You may also be eligible for registration concessions.

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What is conditional vehicle registration?

Conditional registration is literally registration under certain conditions only. It is for vehicles needing only limited access to public roads. F,or example, agricultural, classic, construction, historic or snow vehicles. As these vehicles don’t comply with usual vehicle design and standards, you can drive them only under strict conditions.

Your vehicle must appear on the Conditional Registration Vehicle Sheets (CRVS) to be conditionally registered. For example:

  • Agricultural, eg, tractor, combine harvester
  • Classic – 30 years or older
  • Construction, eg, dump truck, bulldozer
  • Historic – 30 years or older
  • Oversnow, eg, snow all-terrain vehicle
  • Purpose-built, eg, golf buggy
  • Rally – for competitions and training
  • Street rods – body and frame built before 1949.

Unlike standard registration, conditional registration already includes CTP insurance (green slip). Your conditional registration green slip provides coverage on roads and road-related areas, but not on any private property.

Find out how to get conditional vehicle registration.

Is there a difference between historic and classic registration?

Classic and historic vehicle registrations are the same because both are a type of conditional registration. However, there are a few differences between historic and classic vehicles:

Historic vehicle

  • It must be as close to original condition as possible and without modifications except for seat belts, turn indicators or period accessories.
  • Owner must be a member of an authorised historic vehicle club.
  • You need a historic vehicle declaration no more than 42 days old, signed by an official of that club.
  • You can use the vehicle for an authorised club event only and a further 60 days using a logbook.

Classic vehicle

  • Weighs up to 3.5 tonnes GVM
  • Not a plant vehicle or trailer
  • Complies with NSW vehicle standards
  • A replica or individually constructed vehicle that is 30 years or older
  • Owner must be a member of a classic vehicle club.
  • Owner needs a classic vehicle declaration no more than 42 days old, signed by an official of that club.
  • You can use the vehicle for an authorised club event only and a further 60 days using a logbook.

Classic and historic vehicle registration is mainly for vehicles used occasionally. However, if you’re a regular driver of a classic or historic vehicle, you should apply for standard vehicle registration.

What is seasonal registration?

Seasonal registration is the way to register a vehicle usually used for primary production. You can use different combinations of 3 or 6 month periods over 12 months. Note, these periods don’t have to be consecutive, for example:

  • 2 x 3 months of registration
  • 2 x 6 months of registration
  • 1 x 6 months plus 3 months of registration.

You can renew seasonal registration up to 12 months after the expiry date but no later. If you want to register your vehicle for 12 months, you must convert to a standard registration.

Seasonal registration is different from conditional registration because you have to separately buy CTP insurance (green slip) first.

How do I get a registration concession?

NSW vehicle registration is free for eligible pensioners.

A pensioner can apply for automatic registration renewal for one vehicle, as long as there are no restrictions on their licence or vehicle. Service NSW checks your pensioner status when it confirms your green slip and pink slip purchase.

Eligible pensioners don’t have to pay:

  • Registration fees, including HVIS inspection fees
  • Motor vehicle tax
  • Conditional registration fees
  • Transfer fee and stamp duty – for DVA pensioners only.

You can’t use interstate pensioner concession cards for claiming a concession in NSW.

Remember, there are no pensioner concessions on a green slip. The price of your green slip depends on your vehicle and driving history, as it does for everyone.

Have you ever wondered how registration and licensing works in NSW? Do you know how to choose a registration period? Do you know how to transfer registration? These are all good questions you ask that greenslips.com.au will answer.

This is the fifth article in our 6-part series, How registration works in NSW.

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