What L and P platers need to know

Learning to drive is still a rite of passage for some. Even though young people tend to delay the day they start driving lessons, most will get their drivers licence eventually. Find out how you move from Ls to P1s and P2s in the graduated licensing scheme and finally, to the freedom of an unrestricted licence. Read More

Should we be warned about speed cameras?

The NSW Auditor General recently recommended Transport for NSW remove speed camera warning signs. In Victoria, where there are no warning signs, a lot more motorists are fined for speeding. The AG report says NSW speed cameras catch only 1 in a thousand motorists and it’s time to step up the speed camera program. Read More

Drive safely this Summer holiday

In December 2017, 40 people tragically lost their lives on our roads. This was 28 more than in December 2016. The good news is 35 fewer people died in 2018, compared to 2017. This holiday season we want to see that encouraging trend continue. Read More

Let’s start rewarding good driving

We are all familiar with that sinking feeling when you find an official ticket on your windscreen. But did you know most people function better when their environment offers potential rewards? There are very few opportunities for rewards on NSW roads. The best we can manage is a 50% discount on your drivers licence – but only if you have no demerits for 5 years! Read More

Transport affordability in Sydney and Wagga Wagga

Most Australians would think Sydney is the most expensive city for getting around. This is mainly because of toll roads. It costs $429 a week for an average Sydney household. But if you consider transport costs as a share of income, Sydney’s 15% is the fourth most expensive city for transport. Brisbane is the least affordable.

Read More

The danger of pot and booze together

Everybody knows driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. More recently, Australian police started testing drivers for drugs that are known to adversely affect their driving. Now a recent US study finds drivers with a combination of alcohol and marijuana in their body are five times more likely than sober drivers to cause fatal two-car crashes. Read More

Congestion charging – no more rego?

Congestion charging could be the future of road pricing in Australia. Road congestion in Australian cities already costs about $16 billion a year, as well as non-economic factors like road rage, frustration and inconvenience. If drivers paid for their own use of roads, it could be fairer – even cheaper – than paying for registration. Read More

Why do we keep using mobiles in the car?

Australians still use their mobile phones while driving, in spite of the risks. During 2016-17, NSW police caught 39,007 in the act. The worst suburb was Sydney, where 2,042 drivers were caught using a mobile illegally, followed by 1,292 in Parramatta and 669 in Waterloo. Read More