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The danger of pot and booze together

Everybody knows driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. More recently, Australian police started testing drivers for drugs that are known to adversely affect their driving. Now a recent US study finds drivers with a combination of alcohol and marijuana in their body are five times more likely than sober drivers to cause fatal two-car crashes. Read More

Congestion charging – no more rego?

Congestion charging could be the future of road pricing in Australia. Road congestion in Australian cities already costs about $16 billion a year, as well as non-economic factors like road rage, frustration and inconvenience. If drivers paid for their own use of roads, it could be fairer – even cheaper – than paying for registration. Read More

Why do we keep using mobiles in the car?

Australians still use their mobile phones while driving, in spite of the risks. During 2016-17, NSW police caught 39,007 in the act. The worst suburb was Sydney, where 2,042 drivers were caught using a mobile illegally, followed by 1,292 in Parramatta and 669 in Waterloo. Read More

New rules for young drivers

Novice drivers need to know about three changes to graduated licensing in NSW starting from 20 November 2017. These changes apply to learner, P1 and P2 drivers.

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Special bays for manic texters

Texting while driving is dangerous and breaks the road rules in most modern societies today. Even so, many people still admit to texting. It suggests the urge to do it is quite irresistible. WA recently trialled texting bays where motorists were encouraged to pull over and text. Read More

People use their phones while driving

Crazy as it may seem, people are still using their mobile phones illegally while driving. As the documentary made for Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission says, It’s People Like Us. In this case it was five young people but, in fact, NSW police say older drivers are using their phones even more. Read More

Vehicle transactions on your mobile

Many people find it easier and quicker to pay bills on their mobile phone. That’s why the NSW government wants to make all transactions with them more convenient. If you sign up for a MyServiceNSW account on your mobile, among other transactions, you can:

Fun with number plates

Once upon a time when travelling on a long trip with children, you might have amused them with number plates. You could look at car registration plates and try to find each letter in the alphabet, starting with “A”. Another game was to try and make six-word slogans using each letter and number on the number plate in front.

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Caravans are in demand but why such high rego?

Going away in a caravan is becoming very popular and it’s no longer just the grey nomads who are doing it. Latest figures show people 30-54, often families, are taking to the road in their caravans too. In the year to June 2016, two records were broken:

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