20 years of – Part 1

20 years

This year, celebrates 20 years of setting the benchmark for greenslips.

20 years is a long time in business and even longer in the rapidly moving world of technology. So much has changed since we first had the idea to register the domain in 1999.

2001 We launched our first site,, as a one-pager in March. It was a big year for technology. The iPod and X-Box came out, AOL was the most popular website and Wikipedia launched. and infospace went bankrupt as the dotcom bubble burst and share prices tumbled. The NSW population was 6,642,900 and they had 4,452,005 registered vehicles. The most popular car in Australia was the Holden Commodore.

2002 We adopted Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for It was brand new technology. Most people thought it meant Senior Executive Officer. Manufacturers put parking cameras in cars to help people who still couldn’t get into a space.

2003 Skype first disrupted the humble phone call. The Iraq war began and bushfires raged through Canberra.

2004 We made a major update to our content on and pointed it to the Motor Accident Authority greenslips calculator. The most popular car in Australia was the Holden Commodore.

2005 Youtube first disrupted the idea of TV. It was Australia’s hottest year on record and the year of race riots in Cronulla. Mitsubishi 380 won the year’s Best Car Award.

2006 Lifetime Care and Support Scheme started to provide treatment, rehabilitation and care for children who were very seriously injured in motor accidents in NSW. Motorists took advantage of the government’s $2,000 grant to convert to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

2007 Lifetime Care and Support Scheme was extended to adults and allowed the injured person to claim for loss of earnings as well as medical and treatment expenses. The first iPhone hit the market. The most popular car in Australia was still the Holden Commodore.

2008 We wrote our first blogs for We added lots of new content to our site to make it more useful than ever. The first Android phone hit the market. SUVs were a surprising 19% of the Australian car market.

2009 Demerit points were introduced for speeding. Bitcoin disrupted the world of money. Swine flu pandemic was declared and “gig economy” was a new expression.

2010 Demerit points were reduced or removed for 22 driving offences. China had a 62-mile traffic jam. Facebook had 600 million users. The most popular car in Australia was still the Holden Commodore.

Some things didn’t change during the 10 years.

Australians kept on loving their Holden Commodores (except for the ones who preferred Ford). was still the benchmark for all things greenslips. It still gave users the cheapest prices from all green slip insurers in NSW.

See next week’s blog, 20 years of – Part 2.

Corrina Baird

Writer and expert

Corrina used to lend her car to her kids and discovered first hand what Ls, Ps and demerits mean for greenslips. After 20 years of writing and research in financial services, she’s an expert in the NSW CTP scheme. Read more about Corrina

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