How do I buy a green slip?

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Fortunately, buying a greenslip is quite simple. Once you’ve chosen an insurer, you have a few easy ways to make a payment. gives you a few useful tips on how to buy a greenslip.

It does not matter where you buy the greenslip

Some people think they could buy a greenslip from a broker or agent at a cheaper price.

This is not true. Whether you buy directly from the insurer, a broker or agent, the greenslip price must be the same for the same details. uses only regulated prices. These are the prices that insurers have submitted to the regulator, State Insurance Regulatory Authority, and the regulator has accepted. Insurers are required to do this at least once a year and whenever they want to change their prices.

It is illegal to quote a price that is different from the regulated greenslip price.

This means you can buy your greenslip from the insurer, broker or agent and the price will be the same.

Renew with the same greenslip insurer

One simple way to buy a greenslip is to renew with the same insurer as last year. This may not be the best option. Each time consider:

  • Your current insurer may not offer the cheapest greenslip this year
  • Whether your circumstances changed during the year, which will change the price
  • Other insurers may look more favourably at your circumstances.

The kinds of circumstances that affect the price of greenslips are where you live, any traffic offences or demerits during the year, the age of the vehicle, and the age of the youngest driver. See how greenslip prices are set.

The best option is to use the calculator to compare all six greenslip insurers. That way you can buy a greenslip, knowing you have the cheapest price available for your vehicle and circumstances.

Ways to buy a greenslip

All greenslip insurers offer the ability to buy a greenslip online or to contact them by phone. Some insurers use agents, such as the Post Office, and some use brokers. These physical offices are a good option for people who prefer to buy their greenslip in person.

Once you have paid for your greenslip, in almost all cases, notification goes immediately to Service NSW so you can register your vehicle. It may take a little longer from rural or regional post offices or agents.

What is the best way to compare greenslips?

Before you buy a greenslip, it’s wise to compare prices first. The calculator is the only calculator that provides True Comparisons. It allows you to compare every insurer without commercial bias and find the cheapest price, guaranteed.

You don’t need to tell us your name, email or phone number to get prices.

Last words

Buying a greenslip is quite simple. Once you’ve chosen an insurer, you have a few easy ways to make a payment. However, always compare prices before you choose an insurer. Your insurer last year might not be the cheapest this year, especially if your circumstances have changed. Remember, you can buy from the insurer, broker or agent and the price of your greenslip is the same – for the same details.

Get the cheapest price, guaranteed.

Have you ever wondered why you need a green slip? Do you know what your green slip covers and doesn’t cover? Do all insurers offer the same green slip? These are all good questions you ask that will answer.

This is the final article in our 8-part series, How greenslip insurance works.

Corrina Baird

Writer and expert

Corrina used to lend her car to her kids and discovered first hand what Ls, Ps and demerits mean for greenslips. After 20 years of writing and research in financial services, she’s an expert in the NSW CTP scheme. Read more about Corrina

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