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The CTP on my motorcycle, Suzuki GS500F is due in February, so I thought I’d run a comparison of quotes before deciding on whether to stay with my current insurer, QBE, who quoted $337 for 12 months. I went into the MAA greenslip comparison site and this is what I was quoted: Insurer 6mth price 12mth price AAMI $273.00 $525.00 Allianz $196.00 $378.00 CIC-Allianz $198.00 $381.00 GIO $163.29 $313.04 NRMA $198.31 $381.92 QBE $176.00 $337.00 Zurich $267.00 $517.00 As you can see the cheapest is $313 and the most expensive $525 that’s over $200 difference. You can’t tell me that is fair!! Funny thing is, when I then got a quote for a brand new BMW K1200S motorcycle, guess what… all the quotes stayed the same apart from QBE who went up to QBE $265.00 $513.00 Something just doesn’t seem right here !

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