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I am a 21yr old male driver, obvioulsy i fall into a bad category. BUT I have never had an accident, never had a speeding ticket or ticket of any sort, not even a parking ticket. I have been driving for 4 yrs without one run in with the law, accident or anything. I have to pay for my insurance, rego etc without any help on a small wage while studying. Yes I drive a V8 utefor the mere fact they are nice cars and im sure that doesnt help being under 21 but i think young drivers who dont get into trouble with the law like some of these idiots that do, should be rewarded with cheaper CTP, insurance etc, prices like over 25’s get. More to the point, my CTP arrived yday and went from $350 last yr to $710, how do they explain this?? When i didnt have an accident, i didnt get one fine, nothing. They dont have an explanation when i ask them. Its plain out, ripping us off and im Fed up with it!!! Its a joke.

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