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It’s Ride your Motorcycle Week

ride to work and live green slips for motorcycles

Ride your Motorcycle Week is 29 November to 5 December. It’s time to get back on your bike after lockdown.

“Get your bike serviced ahead of riding season, take the bike to work or take the long way home, take the day off and reconnect or just go and have an adventure. This is the week to start doing it,” says FCAI head, Tony Weber.

Sales of motorcycles are up

It may be time to buy a new bike. Australians are busy snapping up new motorcycles, especially off-road and off-highway bikes.

During January to December 2021, compared to the previous year:

  • Sales of motorcycles, scooters, off-road and off-highway bikes rose 8.3%
  • Off-road motorcycle sales rose 10.5%
  • Off-highway vehicle sales were 14.1%.

In 2022, Melbourne-based Savic Motorcycles will sell the first electric motorcycle to be fully designed and made in Australia. It’s still early days for electric motorcycles in this country. A UK survey earlier in the year found half of UK bikers would like to own an electric motorbike or have already bought one.

See Why buy an electric motorbike?

Ride to Live

Sadly, men are the main casualties in all types of road accident. Motorcycle riders of both genders make up nearly a fifth of all deaths on the road. In the year to October 2021, 53 motorcyclists died in NSW, 8.1% less than the 3-year average.

A bigger share of all serious injuries than deaths are motorcycle riders – 23.4%. Some 2,458 riders were injured in the year to March 2021, 5% less than last year but still too many.

If you think you might have lost confidence, you can take a virtual ride to test your riding skills.

Finally, make sure your registration is current and get a quote for your motorcycle green slip. Remember, if you’re paying for a green slip, you may as well be out there on your bike.

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