Renew your licence online

It’s one of those things you’d rather not have to do, but everyone must renew their drivers licence. In the old days, you had to find the nearest registry, take a ticket and wait for your turn for a photograph and an eye test. Things have changed – now you can renew your licence online.

Online at Service NSW

The two most popular tasks are now online at Service NSW – renewing your licence and your car registration. Since 2013, when Service NSW launched, the number of online transactions has doubled each year. There were 12 million of them in the past year.

Not everyone is eligible to renew their licence online.

If you need an eyesight or Older Driver assessment, hold a restricted licence or a concession, you will still need to visit Service NSW or a local registry. It’s still quicker than it used to be.

  • You may renew online for 1, 3 or 5 years but not 10 years
  • Your photograph is good for 10 years
  • You need an eyesight test every 10 years until you’re 45, then every five years.

The days of carrying a licence in your wallet – or stuffed into your back pocket – are coming to an end. Following an election promise, the NSW government plans to make all forms of licence digital in the next few years.

If your drivers licence is up for renewal, go here.

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