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Old cars, your teens and safety

The average age of vehicles in Australia is higher than the average in developed nations. Yet technology has changed a lot in 10 years and many safety features are only available on newer models. Some groups are urging government to make it easier for people to afford newer vehicles to help stem the rate of road deaths and injuries. Read More

Still hot demand for SUVs

You only have to look around to see SUVs are in hot demand. In 2018 so far, SUVs make up 43% of all new car sales in Australia, compared to 34% passenger and 23% commercial vehicles. They now hold a huge 42.2% market share, compared to passenger cars with 33.8%.

You might have recently bought one yourself. Or you might be wondering why other people love them so much. Read More

Is it really worth changing lanes?

Should you change lanes if you’re in a hurry? Some drivers seem compelled to change lanes, all the time. Others seem to choose a lane and hog it. But research on changing lanes seems to suggest it has a psychological rather than a practical effect. Too often, changing lanes may just be inviting trouble. Read More

Rural roads – more deaths but cheaper CTP

Two thirds of Australians live in metro areas yet two thirds of deaths occur on remote and rural roads. In fact, the fatality rate per 100,000 people in country areas is nearly four times higher than in the city. So why is the cost of compulsory third party (CTP) insurance for city drivers 31% higher than for rural drivers? Read More

Why the ACCC is worried about WestConnex

Regular users of Sydney’s toll roads will be familiar with that gentle “ping” as they pass through. Unfortunately, that gentle ping can turn into a hefty whack out of the bank account. Chief recipients of this stream of riches are corporate investors like Transurban. Read More

Too many signs for drivers?

Are there too many signs for drivers? It rather depends on who you ask. Road safety advocates think there are too many distractions to motorists inside and outside their vehicles. Driving distracted is particularly dangerous on fast moving highways and in busy, congested cities. Read More

Drive a collapsible vehicle

Imagine if you could take your car anywhere with you – even on the bus or inside your house. A collapsible vehicle may seem like a wild idea, but it is perfect for congested cities, narrow streets or parking at home. These three examples may whet your appetite. Read More

Petrol prices – do you care?

Do we worry about petrol prices? The most popular vehicles in Australia are powerful and thirsty, which suggests reducing fuel is not a factor. Meanwhile, a 2017 study says the price of petrol still is the most popular reason why we choose a service station, but it’s certainly not the only one. Read More

What to do about the road toll

Did you know, during 2017, the rate of road deaths in Australia was the lowest for at least five years? But NSW was different. It was the highest road toll since 2010. A total of 392 people died compared to the high of 405 in 2010, 12 more than in 2016. Worse, the holiday road toll more than doubled from last year.

Read More

Is it true Aussies are driving less?

Judging by the congestion on Sydney’s roads, you might think Australians are driving more than ever. There are 18.2 million vehicles on Australian roads, about half a million more than there were in 2014. But we are driving less – average kilometres travelled in passenger cars and in cities have actually fallen. Read More