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How to renew your full drivers or riders licence

Is it time to renew your drivers or riders licence? Service NSW sends out a reminder in case you forget. In most cases, you can renew your NSW licence online but some people will have to go to a centre in person. Find out how to renew your full NSW licence.

Can I renew my NSW drivers licence online?

Renewing online is certainly the easiest option. You can renew online if your drivers or riders licence expired no more than 6 months ago, or will expire in 6 months or less. You must also:

  • Meet the eyesight requirements, eg, if you are 45 or over you must take an eyesight test every 5 years
  • Be 17 or over
  • Have up to date medical conditions on record
  • Hold an unrestricted licence (not cancelled, disqualified, suspended or refused).

Note also the tricky signature and photo requirement for renewals online. You must have provided your signature and had your photo taken within 10.5 years before your new licence will expire.

When must I renew in person?

Not everyone is permitted to renew their NSW licence online. You will need to renew your licence in person at Service NSW if you:

  • Want to renew for 10 years
  • Are a learner driver
  • Have to prove your fitness to drive
  • Hold a combined driver and boat licence
  • Have moved house within the last 14 days.

You must take at least a completed NSW licence renewal form, current licence or other form of ID and licence fee to a Service NSW centre. Some people have to show other kinds of document, such as a change of address or fitness to drive certificate.

Service NSW provides a paper receipt to act as proof of your licence status until your new card comes through.

Who can renew a licence for 10 years?

While it may be easier to renew for 10 years, not everyone can do so. You need to be aged 21-44, because this is the time when faces change the least. After age 44, it becomes more likely to misidentify someone from an old photo.

Other requirements are to hold car or bike licence and not be a commercial driver, such as a taxi or ride share driver.

If you can get a concession, you’re allowed to renew your drivers licence for 5 or 10 years.

Can I get a discount on my licence?

Some drivers are eligible to receive a renewal of their NSW full licence for half price. It’s called the The Fair Go for Safe Drivers discount. This is one of the few ways good drivers can be rewarded for driving safely and within the law.

To receive a discount, you must have held a full licence for at least 5 years with no demerit points or related offences. The discount is available for driver, rider and heavy vehicle licences.

Current full licence renewal fees, as at 1 April 2021*, are:

  • $60 for 1 year
  • $140 for 3 years
  • $190 for 5 years
  • $352 for 10 years.

*These are the fees at the time of writing and it is worth checking to see if they have increased.

Can I renew my drivers licence outside NSW?

You may be temporarily interstate or in another country when it’s time to renew your NSW drivers licence. If so, you can use the photo-kit system.

Download the appropriate form or ask for a photo licence kit unit to be posted:

The new licence will automatically be sent to the address you provide, whether interstate, overseas or in NSW. Remember, this photo-kit licence renewal can be used only once, so your next licence renewal will have to be in NSW.

Renewing your drivers licence in time is an important part of your role as a driver. You also need to make sure your green slip and registration are up to date. If you have trouble remembering when your registration is due, ask greenslips.com.au for a registration reminder sticker or two.

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