How do I transfer registration in NSW?

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Most people need to transfer registration of their vehicle at one time or another. The most common reason is when you want to buy or sell a car. Or perhaps you are moving to NSW and want to transfer vehicle registration from your state or territory. Find out how to transfer registration in NSW.

How to transfer registration when I buy a car

This is what to do if you have just bought a car:

  • Register the car under your name within 14 days or you will have to pay a late transfer fee
  • The previous owner must submit a Notice of Disposal so you can register it in your own name online
  • If the previous owner doesn’t submit a Notice of Disposal within 14 days, you have to register the car at a motor registry or Service NSW.

What happens to the greenslip when I buy a car?

If you buy a registered car, the price of the car includes registration and a greenslip. This is because it can’t be registered without a greenslip. The greenslip automatically transfers with the registration to you. Once Service NSW knows about the transfer of ownership, it notifies the greenslip insurer that you are the new owner. When it’s time to renew registration, the greenslip renewal will reflect your details.

However, if you buy an unregistered car, you need to buy a greenslip before you can start a new registration.

How to transfer registration when I sell a car

This is what to do if you have just sold a car:

  • Lodge a Notice of Disposal to let Transport for NSW know you are no longer the owner
  • Show the new owner proof they are entitled to register the car, such as Certificate of Registration, motor dealer warranty form or proof of purchase
  • The new owner is responsible for registering the vehicle in their name.

What happens to the greenslip when I sell a car?

When you sell your car, you can’t get a refund on your greenslip because the greenslip remains on the car you sold.
You can get a refund of any unused greenslip period only if you cancel registration on your car. In this case, you must show proof from Service NSW of cancelled registration and your greenslip insurer will give a pro rata refund less costs.

How do I transfer registration to NSW from interstate?

If you have been in NSW for 3 months and intend to stay, you need to transfer your car’s registration to NSW. After 3 months, it’s illegal to own a vehicle registered in another state but garaged in NSW.

For the first registration, you have to go in person to a motor registry or Service NSW. After that, you can renew registration by phone or online.

There are three steps to transfer registration to NSW:

  1. Get a safety and identity check of your vehicle (blue slip) from an authorised inspection station. This inspection includes roadworthiness, compliance and identification.
  2. Buy a green slip (CTP insurance) separately before you can register. Compare prices from all insurers at
  3. Go in person to a motor registry or Service NSW with documents that prove your identity, residential address in NSW and entitlement to register the vehicle.

Table of documents to register your vehicle in NSW

Documents How
Safety and identify check (blue slip) Get this from an authorised inspection station
Green slip (CTP) Compare prices and purchase from one insurer
Application for registration form Complete this
Proof of identity For example, birth certificate, passport, credit card, utility bill
Proof of residential address in NSW For example, contract of sale or lease agreement
Proof of entitlement to register For example, interstate certificate of registration or motor dealer sales contract
Proof of entitlement to concession For example, Pensioner Concession card
Previous number plates

If possible

Payment for all fees

Registration, stamp duty, number plates

When you attend Service NSW or motor registry, you have to pay the registration fee, stamp duty and a fee for the number plates. You can use a registration calculator, which gives a guide to the cost of registration, not including the cost of the green slip or blue slip.

  • Service NSW receives electronic copies of blue and green slips once they are paid for, but other required documents can be physical
  • You will receive number plates and must immediately attach them to your vehicle
  • The first registration must be for 12 months but, after that, you can renew registration of the same vehicle for 6 months.

You don’t have to attend a registry or Service NSW in person for subsequent registrations. There are several ways to renew registration – online, on the phone, or by post.

Remember to cancel registration in your previous state or territory. This will also cancel that state or territory’s CTP insurance on your vehicle.

If you need further help with transferring registration, contact us or read more here.

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