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What to do about the road toll

Did you know, during 2017, the rate of road deaths in Australia was the lowest for at least five years? But NSW was different. It was the highest road toll since 2010. A total of 392 people died compared to the high of 405 in 2010, 12 more than in 2016. Worse, the holiday road toll more than doubled from last year.

Read More

Who wants to own a car?

If you believe the experts, nobody will want to own a car in the near future. They seem to think people are rational and will always choose the cheapest and most efficient option. But they don’t recognise how much we relish the personal freedom that owning a car brings. Read More

Australians just love their cars

Sales of new cars are at record levels in Australia even though wages growth is low. It seems we still want new cars, no matter what. In fact, Australians just love their cars: we’re even in the global top ten for car ownership. Read More

Latest response to deaths on NSW roads

The NSW government spent $300 million on road safety in the 2017 budget. Sadly, 392 people died in 2017, which was 12 more than in 2016. The road toll has increased each year since 2014 after decades of steady decline. In three years there were 20% more fatal car crashes and 85% more deaths in light trucks. Read More

Time to stop blaming young drivers

Young drivers do take risks while driving. The NSW government works with many sporting bodies to spread road safety messages like Towards Zero and Slow Down. One partnership is with the Western Sydney Wanderers. This is particularly designed to reach men 17 to 29, who are more likely to be injured or die in a crash. Read More

Family drives aren’t what they used to be

If you’re going on a road trip with your children, chances are they’ll be on their phones or tablets. Some parents say car trips are a good opportunity to talk to their kids because it’s a small space and there’s no eye contact. But it appears family holidays today are more about watching screens than talking. Read More

Travels with your mutt

Did you know we have as many pets in Australia today – 24 million – as there are people? In fact, 62% of households have a pet, compared to 65% in the US and only 40% in the UK. Some 38% of pet owners have dogs and 29% have cats. This means, any day on the road, someone has a beloved pet in the back of their car or sitting on the tray of their ute. Read More

Results of road tolling inquiry

The NSW senate road tolling inquiry has just released an eye-opening report. It recommends more transparency in tolling agreements and the companies involved with them. Motorists have no idea how much of their tax, or their tolls, is going to private financiers to bear which risks. Nor how much profit these companies expect from public infrastructure. Read More

Ride motorcycles wisely

It’s easy to see the appeal of motorcycles – they are cheaper than cars, practical, fuel-efficient and, for many riders, a thrilling experience. Over the past 10 years, 5% more Australians each year have registered motorcycles. Riding in this country has also become less life threatening. Read More

Ride to Work Week 8-15 October

During the cooler days of Winter, some motorcycle riders prefer to leave their bike in the garage. Now Spring is here, it’s time to get back on the bike and ride to work. Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Week runs from 8 to 15 October and encourages all Australian riders to dust off their bikes and ride to work. Read More