Ride to Work Week 8-15 October

During the cooler days of Winter, some motorcycle riders prefer to leave their bike in the garage. Now Spring is here, it’s time to get back on the bike and ride to work. Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Week runs from 8 to 15 October and encourages all Australian riders to dust off their bikes and ride to work.

Ride to Work website

The best way to find out about Ride to Work Week is to go to

Go to the site to organise a Ride to Work event and upload pictures of your motorbike. Also, get a dedicated Facebook feed and use the hashtag #RideToWorkWeek on Twitter. Or just start riding to work.

Solidarity and safety

The campaign is designed to promote two important aspects of riding: solidarity and safety among all riders.

Hopefully, it will also send a strong signal to government to pay more attention to the important needs of motorcycle riders. Backing the campaign is the entire motorcycle dealer network, which will offer bike safety checks, advice on getting rider training and, naturally, sell you a better motorbike.

CTP greenslip

Finally, get a quote for your motorbike greenslip here. Remember, if you’re paying for a green slip, you may as well be out there on your motorbike.

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