Getting your motorcycle licence in NSW

Drivers must share the road with many different kinds of vehicles, from trucks and buses to motorcycles. Accidents can happen at any time, and that is where ctp green slip insurance comes in handy to cover any third parties that may be injured or killed as a result of a road incident.  This policy extends to motorbike riders as well, so it’s important to compare green slip quotes.

If you haven’t yet achieved your motorcycle licence in New South Wales, here are the stages you will be required to go through.

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Young drivers less likely to be aware of dangers inside the car

It’s no surprise that young drivers tend to be involved in more than their fair share of road incidents. According to a report compiled by the Parliament of New South Wales, young and primarily male drivers are involved in almost 30 per cent of all fatal crashes and 29 per cent of all motor vehicle crashes – despite making up just 16 per cent of all licence holders. They are not aware of dangers inside the car.

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Teaching your teen to drive safely on the roads

For most teens, getting their full license is a mark of pride and a big step on the way to becoming a fully fledged adult. However, as a parent you have an important role to teach your teen to be a safe and responsible driver before they hit the roads.

It’s an unfortunate fact that younger drivers tend to be more at risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. According to the The George Institute Young Driver Fact Base, injury is the single biggest cause of death in Australian youth and 45 per cent of these fatalities are due to road crashes.

Hospital data for young Australians supports this statement, with drivers involved in a road traffic incident making up almost half the amount of hospitalisations in this group. Young drivers between 17-25 years of age make up one-quarter of all Australian road deaths, but they represent just 10-15 per cent of the total number of licensed drivers in Australia.

Males in the 17-25 year old age group are also more at risk than females. One-third of all speeding drivers and passengers involved in fatal crashes are males in this category, compared to 6 per cent of females.

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How do you obtain a drivers licence in NSW?

As with all the other states and territories, drivers in New South Wales must go through a strict testing system before being qualified to use the roads. According to the Roads & Maritime Services in NSW, data from the first quarter of this year indicated there were 311,639 learner licence holders in the state.

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5 essential items to keep in your first aid kit

Having a well stocked first aid kit in your car is a handy item at all times, because you never know when you might need to administer immediate care for yourself or others on the road. However, a kit that doesn’t have the right essentials isn’t going to be much use, so it’s important to create yours carefully.

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Handy items you should always have in your car

When you’re out traveling, you never know what emergencies or unexpected events might occur. Even though it’s impossible to predict what could happen on any given day, being as prepared as you can will certainly go a long way towards your safety and that of other drivers as well.

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Tips for driving on different terrain

Having a car means you can travel far and wide, over terrain both familiar and unknown. However, when you’re out on the roads it’s important to remember that different conditions will often require extra special care in order to avoid accidents and negotiate hazards successfully.

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The AAA calls for improved infrastructure funding

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) is calling for a greater focus on infrastructure funding across the country, in the hope that it will support better roads in every state and territory.

“The current approach to road funding is clearly broken with crippling congestion in the cities and inadequate and unsafe highways in many rural areas,” AAA Chief Executive Andrew McKellar said in a March 25 statement.

“Reform of current approaches to funding for our roads and transport infrastructure is a national priority.”

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NSW road funding maintenance at historic highs

Though it’s compulsory to obtain a CTP green slip for your vehicle, fewer NSW drivers may end up claiming under the scheme with road maintenance funding at an all-time high in 2013 to 2014.

NSW Government, Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay announced that funding for road maintenance and minor improvements to roads and bridges within NSW, including council-owned infrastructure, has hit record levels.

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