The problem of who is driving

In the old days people used to joke about backseat drivers telling them how to drive. Now the joke’s on us as the vehicle itself starts taking over. Even so, while these autonomous technologies may give drivers a sense of security, they still aren’t reliable enough to use without a driver. This will raise the new problem of just who is driving. Read More

Look forward to more congestion

Road congestion is not only annoying but expensive, costing $16.5 billion in 2015 and forecast to nearly double by 2030. Some say autonomous vehicles (AVs) will help reduce congestion. But evidence suggests they could also make it worse. Without careful planning, we may even look forward to more congestion. Read More

Self-driving cars must be safer than humans

How safe should a self-driving car be? It’s an obvious question to ask but the answer is far less clear cut. Research suggests self-driving cars must be safer than humans. In fact, they may need to be four or five times safer than humans just to be accepted. Read More

The safety (or not) of driverless cars

If we asked you to name one good reason for driverless cars, you would probably say safety. If 90% of crashes are caused by human error, eliminating humans should reduce the chance of crashing. In fact, experts say we could save 1.2 million lives each year because driverless cars are so safe. Read More

Change the law for driverless cars

If driverless cars are going to work on Australian roads, then we have to change many of our existing laws. For example, how do we define the driver? National Transport Commission (NTC) invited stakeholders to have a say on this crucial change coming to Australian roads. Read More

Would you go to work in a self-driving car?

Rarely more than a few days go by without seeing an article, TV show, blog or Facebook post about self-driving cars. It seems clear that self-driving (autonomous) vehicles are coming. But how soon, and how smoothly this will happen, depends on who you ask. Would you go to work in a self-driving car? Read More