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Stephen Treacey

CEO and Founder, greenslips.com.au

Stephen is the founder and owner of greenslips.com.au. He was one of the first to recognise the benefits of the internet as a way to present CTP greenslip pricing and information. greenslips.com.au is still regarded as the innovator and authority in the space. Read more about Stephen

dying road safety

Fewer people are dying on NSW roads

If you watched the news during 2018, you might have thought more people were dying on the roads. We failed once again to meet targets in the National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS), for example. greenslips.com.au took a more positive view. Now the NSW Minister for Roads admits 2018 saw the biggest reduction in the road toll in five years. Read More

Double demerits extended to mobile phone use

As you pack up the car for a holiday this Christmas, remember you are 20 times more likely to crash if you text while driving. It’s a sobering statistic – and statistics are based on the experiences of ordinary people. This is why double demerits are being extended to using mobiles.

For the first time, the NSW Roads Minister, Duncan Gay, is doubling demerit points for drivers who use their phones. It starts during the Christmas period from December 24 to January 3. Though it sounds tough, as Minister Gay says:

“If I saved your life, I’ve done you a favour.”

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What is the Volkswagen scandal and why should you care?

If you’ve been paying any attention to automotive news this year, you will know about the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Numerous news outlets have been reporting on the case, which involves millions of cars the world over – both diesel and petrol – and has not only caused former CEO and chair of Audi Martin Winterkorn to step down, but the company to report a loss for the first time in years.

We’ll get to the specifics of the story in a moment, and why you should pay attention, but first let’s put the whole thing into perspective.

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Hybrid cars on the way

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Hybrid cars – love them or hate them.

Thanks to rising petrol costs, changing lifestyle needs and lower purchasing prices, hybrids are now a real part of the Australian motoring industry.

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