Pink Slip or Not

In a news article we advised that NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay has announced that a pink slip will be valid for six months, starting in January 2015.

Pink slips, known as e-Safety Checks, are currently valid for six weeks.

The change is designed to give vehicle owners greater flexibilty as to when they acquire the pink slip.  For example, a pink slip can be acquired at the time of a regular service, rather than requiring a special trip to an authorised inspection station within six weeks before the registration due date.

It seems that there are some issues with the change.

A pink slip inspection generally involves components such as steering, brakes, lights, tyres, suspension and wipers.  How can components such as those be passed for a period of six months, when clearly some of those components can deteriorate to a point of being unroadworthy in that period.  Will authorised inspection stations be willing to provide an OK that lasts for six months?  Will the required standard increase, given that the OK is to last for six months?  How will the certification standards of authorised inspection stations be monitored on the basis of a pink slip which is up to six months old?

This change may be an indication that NSW is to follow the other states, where there is no requirement for annual vehicle safety checks.

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