NSW Pink Slip and Licence Changes Announced

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay yesterday announced changes to pink slips and licence renewals.

The changes are as follows:
1. Starting from January 2015, pink slips will be valid for six months, rather than six weeks as is currently the case; and
2. By the first quarter of 2015, licence holders between the ages of 21 and 44 will be given the option of a ten year driving licence.

New expiry period

The change to the pink slip expiry period is designed to give motorists more flexibility as to when the pink slip is obtained.  For example, rather than make a special trip to obtain a pink slip, motorists can obtain the pink slip at the same time as a service in the six months leading up to the registration expiry date.

Minister Gay said “This change will benefit more than three million vehicle owners across the state, so its great news.  Extending the validity of theses reports will deliver a cost and time benefit to customers, who require a pink slip”.

Longer licence period

The extension of the licence period is designed to save the time and cost of more frequent renewals.  It will also save the government money.  “There are also administrative and time costs, which the government is expected to save through this measure of more than $3 million per year” Minister Gay said.

Overall the Minister said the changes are “all about removing red tape to save people time and money”.

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