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Launch of new health insurance comparison site

In July 2023, we launched healthslips.com.au, a health insurance information and price comparison service. The same principles behind greenslips.com.au underpin healthslips.com.au.

Health insurance price comparison

healthslips.com.au is a new health insurance information and price comparison service. The site breaks new ground by comparing all health insurers and every policy in Australia. It is also the first health insurance site to personalise prices for any Rebate, Discount and Loading.

It calculates:

  • A price for a new policy
  • A comparison of your existing policy
  • Your Government Rebate (Rebate), Age-based Discount (Discount) and Lifetime Health Cover Loading (Loading).

Visitors who calculate their Rebate, Discount and Loading can apply them to the final price. This final price is the actual amount they will pay for their health insurance.

Like greenslips.com.au, it means visitors to the site can make True Comparisons.

Comprehensive and trusted information

healthslips.com.au also provides comprehensive, independent and trusted information about health insurance.

All information is easily searchable and includes:

  • Comprehensive Guides covering all aspects of the Australian Health System and private health insurance
  • An explanation of the different types of cover and the treatments that are included
  • Information on every insurer
  • Answers to common private health insurance questions.

The same professional experience

The site is dedicated to being well researched, up-to-date and efficient. It consistently offers the same professional and helpful experience.

healthslips.com.au does not sell insurance.

Like greenslips.com.au, healthslips.com.au makes the same trusted brand promises:

Compare Every Insurer – Compare all Australian health insurers and every policy
No Commercial Bias – Independent prices and information, so you can make the right choice
Cheapest Price Guaranteed – Look no further, no need to shop around
Free Open Access – Compare without entering your name, email or phone number

Use the healthslips.com.au Calculator to find the cheapest health insurance.

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