New customer service principles to measure insurer performance

State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) today released Customer Service Conduct principles for insurers in the NSW CTP scheme. The purpose of these principles is to ensure people making claims have a positive experience that helps them recover, whoever the insurer. Read More

No more CTP insurer profits over 10%

Insurer profits in the NSW CTP scheme have been a contentious matter for many years. Their long-term average profit is 19%, more than double the profit submitted each year to State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). Read More

NSW drivers get digital licences at last

Following trials in Dubbo, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Albury, all NSW drivers can now get a digital drivers licence. It is a simple process to get a digital licence, but there are a few rules for using it legally. Read More

No more green slips from CIC Allianz

Allianz has announced CIC Allianz will no longer offer green slips as of 15 January 2019. The insurer will offer Allianz greenslips to customers of CIC Allianz when they next renew registration. Read More

Free rego for toll payers

If you regularly spend more than $25 a week on toll roads in Sydney, you may be able to get free registration. The government just announced a rebate to help cut the high cost of owning a vehicle in NSW. Read More

Digital licence trial in Dubbo

In early 2016, recreational fishing or responsible service of alcohol or gambling licences went digital. The next type of licence to go digital will be your drivers licence, depending on the results of a trial in Dubbo. Read More