Youi enters NSW CTP market

General insurer, Youi Pty Ltd, has received permission to enter the NSW CTP market from 1 December 2020. It is the first insurer to join the CTP scheme for many years and the only new entrant since reform in December 2017. Read More

Personal Injury Commission

New Personal Injury Commission simplifies disputes

The NSW government has decided to create a new Personal Injury Commission. It will resolve disputes for injured road users and workers wanting compensation. Currently, State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) deals with motor accident injuries and Workers Compensation Commission (WCC) handles worker injuries. Read More

Stimulus package for the taxi industry

The taxi industry has suffered two big setbacks in recent times – Uber and Covid19. Recently, taxi drivers lost most of their work taking people to and from the airport. Cancellation of events and working from home made it even worse. In response, the NSW government has just announced a $12.6 million stimulus package. Read More

CTP policy options for point to point vehicles

If you provide a passenger service in a taxi, hire car or rideshare, here is an opportunity to have your say about CTP insurance. Current transitional arrangements for CTP in NSW expire 1 December 2020. State Insurance Regulatory Authority has just released a CTP policy options paper for all point to point vehicles. It provides an opportunity to influence new CTP arrangements. Read More

New customer service principles to measure insurer performance

State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) today released Customer Service Conduct principles for insurers in the NSW CTP scheme. The purpose of these principles is to ensure people making claims have a positive experience that helps them recover, whoever the insurer. Read More

Second report on performance ratings of NSW CTP insurers

Many vehicle owners use the calculator to help them choose one of the five CTP insurers. While some just want the cheapest price, others would like to know more about each insurer. In August 2019, State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) started providing insurer performance data to help people make more informed comparisons. Read More

No more CTP insurer profits over 10%

Insurer profits in the NSW CTP scheme have been a contentious matter for many years. Their long-term average profit is 19%, more than double the profit submitted each year to State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). Read More

NSW drivers get digital licences at last

Following trials in Dubbo, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Albury, all NSW drivers can now get a digital drivers licence. It is a simple process to get a digital licence, but there are a few rules for using it legally. Read More

Not much time left to get your greenslip refund

There are still 759,000 vehicle owners who have not claimed their share of the $29 million greenslip refund. They have until 30 September 2019 to do so. After that, any money left unclaimed will go towards reducing the Fund Levy. Read More