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congestion tax charging and tolls to reform

Time to reform Sydney’s toll network

The NSW government wants to reform the toll network in Sydney and has set up an Independent Toll Review. The latest review builds on the one begun by the previous government but with a different emphasis. It will investigate pricing inconsistencies, how price setting can address congestion, scope for competition and regulation to influence tolls, and the interface with public transport. Read More

safety technology injured claimants

A longer period of benefits for injured claimants

From 1 April 2023, someone who is injured in a road accident can claim income support and treatment and care for 52 weeks rather than 26 weeks. There is also a change of name and meaning for the important term, ‘minor injury’. Read More

legal fees ways to buy save money

Save money with toll and fine relief

If you have a clean driving record, travel often on tollroads, or want to offset carbon emissions, there is something for you. Those who spend $375-$750 every year on tolls can save money with backdated toll relief. Usually good drivers who receive a fine for a low range offence will save money and have it waived. Finally, drivers can choose to pay extra to offset carbon emissions when they next register their vehicle. Read More

excess insurer profit

Excess insurer profits go back into Fund levies

State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is clawing back $178.7 million in excess profit made by green slip insurers. This is insurer profit in 2018 and 2019, above 10%, after injured road users have received their treatment and care. Read More

ctp care

What is CTP Care?

CTP Care is a new program in NSW for people injured in a road accident who have an accepted CTP claim but need treatment and care beyond 5 years. CTP Care will begin on 1 December 2022. Read More

high cost of owning a car

Excess insurer profit returned to motorists

Motorists can look forward to cheaper greenslips in 2022 when excess insurer profits are returned. A mechanism in the new NSW CTP scheme allows State Insurance Regulatory Authority to intervene when insurer profit goes over 10%. The average saving on a greenslip will be about $19. Read More


Youi enters NSW CTP market

General insurer, Youi Pty Ltd, has received permission to enter the NSW CTP market from 1 December 2020. It is the first insurer to join the CTP scheme for many years and the only new entrant since reform in December 2017. Read More

Personal Injury Commission

New Personal Injury Commission simplifies disputes

The NSW government has decided to create a new Personal Injury Commission. It will resolve disputes for injured road users and workers wanting compensation. Currently, State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) deals with motor accident injuries and Workers Compensation Commission (WCC) handles worker injuries. Read More

pay for greenslip refund taxis cost

Stimulus package for the taxi industry

The taxi industry has suffered two big setbacks in recent times – Uber and Covid19. Recently, taxi drivers lost most of their work taking people to and from the airport. Cancellation of events and working from home made it even worse. In response, the NSW government has just announced a $12.6 million stimulus package. Read More