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A longer period of benefits for injured claimants

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From 1 April 2023, someone who is injured in a road accident can claim income support and treatment and care for 52 weeks rather than 26 weeks. There is also a change of name and meaning for the important term, ‘minor injury’.

A longer period of benefits

Under the 2017 NSW CTP scheme, an injured person can claim statutory benefits for a fixed period even if they are at fault. Before 1 April 2023, they could claim income support and treatment and care for 26 weeks only. These benefits are now available for up to 52 weeks.

After 52 weeks, injured people who are mostly at fault or have ‘threshold injuries’ can no longer claim them.

From minor injury to threshold injury

The concept of minor injuries is important under the 2017 scheme. While injured people with minor injuries can claim benefits, they are not allowed to claim for damages.

From 1 April 2023, the name ‘minor injury’ will change to ‘threshold injury’. The definition of threshold injury is slightly different from minor injury:

  • Threshold injury means a soft tissue injury or a psychological or psychiatric injury that is not a recognised psychiatric illness.
  • Minor Injury meant a soft tissue injury or a minor psychological or psychiatric injury.

Even though the name and definition has changed, the concept is the same. Injured people with threshold injuries can claim benefits but they cannot claim for damages.

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) has issued new Motor Accident Guidelines with these changes.

If you would like to make a claim for benefits, contact CTP Assist, a service offered by SIRA to provide help and further information.

You can also read more detail about Entitlements and Making a Claim in the greenslips.com.au Claims Guide.

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