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Save money with toll and fine relief

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If you have a clean driving record, travel often on tollroads, or want to offset carbon emissions, there is something for you. Those who spend $375-$750 every year on tolls can save money with backdated toll relief. Usually good drivers who receive a fine for a low range offence will save money and have it waived. Finally, drivers can choose to pay extra to offset carbon emissions when they next register their vehicle.

Toll relief for frequent users

Regular users of tollroads who spend $375 to $750 a year can now save money with a government rebate, backdated to 1 July 2022.

Around half a million motorists, particularly from western Sydney, will qualify for this rebate. It will cost the NSW government around $500 million.

If you want to apply, you need to be registered with Service NSW to receive the rebate.

Fine relief for good drivers

Motorists with a 3-year clean driving record will save money by having fines waived for low level offences from 3 April, after the election.

Low level offences include speeding under 10km/hr or driving in a bus or transit lane. Fine relief will not apply to offences that affect safety, such as school zone, red light and mobile phone offences.

The scheme could cost the government around $39 million, based on fines given to usually good drivers for low level offences in 2021.

Registration with carbon emission offsets

When you renew your registration online, you can choose to pay an extra $5 to $200 to offset your carbon emissions.

Paying $80 will fully offset 2.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions generated by the average car each year.

All funds will go into Australian-only carbon offset projects, such as the Longdowns Forest Regeneration project in Bourke and Brewarrina Shires. Find out more about carbon offset projects here.

If your registration is due, calculate your cheapest green slip first.

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