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Allianz stops offering At-Fault Driver Protection insurance

at fault driver cover

Allianz stopped offering At-Fault Driver Protection insurance from 1 September 2021. Now NRMA Insurance is the only remaining CTP insurer in NSW to offer At-Fault Driver Cover.

Cover for existing Allianz customers

Since 1 September 2021, Allianz no longer offers At-Fault Driver Protection insurance to new customers. However, existing customers will continue to be covered by their At-Fault Driver Protection Insurance Policy until its expiry date.

greenslips.com.au continues to keep a record of the benefits that Allianz pays for specific injuries to the at-fault driver in an accident.

About At-Fault Driver Cover

At-Fault Driver Cover is available on top of the greenslip to provide extra benefits for drivers who are injured or die in an accident that is their fault. It was first introduced as a way of differentiating the CTP insurers. All insurers, except NRMA Insurance, have now stopped offering this extra cover.

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