How to claim your CTP greenslip refund

Most vehicle owners can now claim a refund on their CTP green slips. Following reforms to the NSW greenslip scheme, green slip prices fell from 1 December 2017. Insurers will refund overpaid green slips through ServiceNSW. Motorists have until 30 September 2018 to claim their greenslip refund. [This was later extended to 30 June 2019 then 30 September 2019.] Read More

Greenslip refunds for business and taxi owners

Taxi owners can expect an average refund of $1,255 and businesses around $265, starting today (22 January 2018). This puts $52 million back into the pockets of businesses and taxi owners. They are the first to receive greenslip refunds under the new greenslip scheme in NSW, which began 1 December 2017. Read More

Free rego for toll payers

If you regularly spend more than $25 a week on toll roads in Sydney, you may be able to get free registration. The government just announced a rebate to help cut the high cost of owning a vehicle in NSW. Read More

Digital licence trial in Dubbo

In early 2016, recreational fishing or responsible service of alcohol or gambling licences went digital. The next type of licence to go digital will be your drivers licence, depending on the results of a trial in Dubbo. Read More

Green slip prices have fallen

After 1 July 2017, vehicle owners will see a welcome 5% price cut for their green slips. This means many motorists in Sydney will pay less than $600. It is a long time since prices for CTP insurance got cheaper in NSW.

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New rules for taxis and cars for hire

Many people have already used Uber or GoGet rather than hire a taxi to get around. This has upset taxi drivers, understandably, who have to pay for expensive licences and insurances while meeting legal standards. The NSW government has decided to update the legislation for this brave new world of rideshare and is asking the public to have its say.

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Bill for NSW CTP reform passed

The Motor Accident Injuries Bill 2017 passed NSW Parliament at the end of March. It will operate from 1 December 2017 and takes the first step towards reform of the NSW CTP scheme.

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Green slip fraud could affect you

Be careful about buying green slips because you may become the victim of fraud. Insurers have identified a substantial fraud involving several thousand CTP policies and many unauthorised agents.

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