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New Personal Injury Commission simplifies disputes

Personal Injury Commission

The NSW government has decided to create a new Personal Injury Commission. It will resolve disputes for injured road users and workers wanting compensation. Currently, State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) deals with motor accident injuries and Workers Compensation Commission (WCC) handles worker injuries.

Single tribunal

The Personal Injury Commission (PIC) will be a one-stop shop, to streamline and improve dispute resolution. In 2019, people made 7,000 compensation applications to the WCC and 10,000 CTP claims to SIRA.

The WCC will be expanded and divided into two specialist divisions, workers compensation and CTP insurance. This way, each division continues to benefit from the subject matter experience of its personnel. The PIC will be independent from government.

Dispute resolution services

Currently, SIRA manages Dispute Resolution Services (DRS). This processes over 12,000 motor accidents disputes a year. Recently, it launched a new digital disputes portal to make the process more efficient and transparent.

Under the PIC Bill, functions of the DRS, the Motor Accidents Claims Assessment (CARS) and the Motor Accidents Medical Assessment Service (MAS) will all transfer to the PIC.

No change to CTP scheme

Note, there will be no changes to the CTP scheme or the benefits and rights of people using it. The government expects minimal impact, if any, on CTP insurance premiums.

The Commission is intended to begin from 1 December 2020.

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