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Stimulus package for the taxi industry

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The taxi industry has suffered two big setbacks in recent times – Uber and Covid19. Recently, taxi drivers lost most of their work taking people to and from the airport. Cancellation of events and working from home made it even worse. In response, the NSW government has just announced a $12.6 million stimulus package.

Stimulus package

The package is for taxi owners, taxi licence holder and taxi service providers:

Owners of taxis and wheelchair accessible taxis – receive $2,900 subsidy to cover 6 months of CTP insurance and vehicle registration. Must have been operating at 1 May 2020 and have registered or re-registered by 30 June 2020.

Taxi licence holders – pay only half of the annual taxi licence fee payable in 2019-20.

Taxi service providers – all receive $500 reduction off authorisation fees for 2018-19.

Other support

On top of the $500 reduction in authorisation fees, authorisation fees will stay the same as in 2018-19.

Owners with wheelchair accessible taxi interest-free loans will pay zero in April, May and June 2020.

Finally, drivers of hire vehicles with HC plates can use bus lanes for 6 months until 31 December 2020.

How to apply

Taxi owners can look forward to claiming the $2,900 subsidy through Service NSW in June 2020. Meanwhile, Point to Point Transport Commissioner will contact taxi licence holders and taxi service providers about their support.

The NSW Taxi Council has welcomed the package and also wants to see 3,000 taxis that are currently de-registered back on the road.

Note: This is a broad summary only of the package. There is more detail on eligibility and timings at: https://www.pointtopoint.nsw.gov.au

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