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New customer service principles to measure insurer performance

CTP insurers customer service

State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) today released Customer Service Conduct principles for insurers in the NSW CTP scheme. The purpose of these principles is to ensure people making claims have a positive experience that helps them recover, whoever the insurer.

The Customer Service Conduct principles are:

  • Be efficient and easy to engage – Offer visible support along the way. Keep customer interactions simple and accessible. Communicate promptly with simple language.
  • Act fairly, with empathy and respect – Respect people’s circumstances. Treat them with dignity and compassion. Give the same quality services every time.
  • Resolve customer concerns quickly, respect customers’ time and be proactive – Support them early and resolve any concerns. Value their time and contact them when they need to know something.
  • Have systems in place to identify and address customer concerns – Seek customer views on improving service. Be transparent in addressing systemic problems and use continuous improvement.
  • Be accountable for actions and honest in interactions with customers – Acknowledge when harm is caused, customer expectations are unmet or breaches occur. Then take action to rectify.

The NSW government will measure and publish the performance of CTP insurers against these principles. Customers who have made claims will be able to give feedback on their experience with insurers.

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