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NSW drivers get digital licences at last

digital drivers licence

Following trials in Dubbo, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Albury, all NSW drivers can now get a digital drivers licence. It is a simple process to get a digital licence, but there are a few rules for using it legally.

Why get a digital drivers licence?

A digital drivers licence is entirely optional and costs no more than a physical card. In some ways it is better than a physical one:

  • The licence automatically updates with any change in details
  • It still works offline, as long as you are logged into the Service NSW app
  • Licence information is doubly protected by phone security and Service NSW security.

How to get a digital licence

There are only three steps to getting a digital licence:

  • Download the Service NSW app to your phone
  • Create a MyServiceNSW Account or login if you already have one
  • Make sure your MyServiceNSW Account is linked to Roads. 

Some rules for using it

There are a few rules for using a digital drivers licence. For example, you still need to carry a physical licence because some retailers or venues will not be able to access the digital version. Even so, you are not obliged to actually hand over your phone to people who are able to check your digital licence.

Your digital drivers licence is still a serious document:

  • You are not allowed to handle your mobile phone while driving unless a police officer asks to see your licence
  • Your phone must be working, charged and its screen uncracked, otherwise you are driving without carrying a licence
  • You have to carry a physical licence when travelling outside NSW
  • Report lost phones straightaway to PoliceLink on 131 444 or create a police report online.

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