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Top 10 Misunderstood Road Rules

Posted in Licencing & Registration
Friday, 15 February 2013

Transport for NSW has published information on the top 10 misunderstood road rules in NSW.

There are no surprises.

Misunderstood road rules include those associated with roundabouts, use of mobile phones, merging, keeping left, u-turns and yellow traffic lights.

The information is worth looking at, even as a refresher to make sure that your understanding of the road rules is up to date.

The information is available here.

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New Road Numbering System

Posted in Traffic
Monday, 29 October 2012

RMS (formerly the RTA) is introducing a new system of road numbering and new names for some important routes. The changes will commence in early 2013 and should be fully implemented by the end of that year.

The changes are simple in that they apply a letter and number code to Motorways (M), roads of national significance (A) and roads of state significance (B). The numbers identify the different motorways or roads within each category.

The changes will make navigation on major routes much simpler. For example, if want to drive to Broken Hill from Sydney, you will simply follow the A32 the whole way. If you want to drive from Sydney to Walgett you join the B55 and follow it through to Walgett.

The changes are consistent with systems in most other states so that the same code will apply as roads cross into those states.

Name changes will apply to some major roads, however the changes are not significant and should not have a major impact.

More information is available on the RMS website.


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Long Weekend Double Demerits

Posted in Licencing & Registration
Friday, 28 September 2012

Do not forget that double demerits are now in force for seatbelt and speeding offences this long weekend. Double demerits will be in place until midnight on Sunday. Drive carefully and enjoy the long weekend.

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The new

Posted in Greenslips
Monday, 09 July 2012

Welcome to the new look

We have re-designed the website and we have added more features and information.

There is more to come.

Our aim is to continue to be the best greenslip resource available, with accurate, up to date, impartial information.

If you have any feedback on the website or the service we offer, do not hesitate to comment on this post or contact us.

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Rego Labels Abolished

Posted in Licencing & Registration
Saturday, 23 June 2012

The NSW State Government has announced that registration labels for light vehicles will be abolished from 1 January 2013.

From that date registration labels will no longer be required for cars, motorbikes and trucks with a GVM up to 4.5 tonnes.

Registration labels are not a reliable indication that a vehicle is validly registered and in any case police check vehicle registration regardless of the label.

The RMS has introduced a facility for checking vehicle registration. If you go to the free registration check page of the RMS website and enter a vehicle registation number, you will receive information on the registration status and on the current greenslip insurer for that vehicle.

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