Australians love their caravans

If you thought there were more caravans on the roads these days, you were right. The fastest growing registration type – 5% per annum for 6 consecutive years – is caravans and campervans.

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Australians love their SUVs

During 2015, more Australians than ever went out to buy a new motor vehicle. They bought 1,155,408 new passenger cars, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and commercial vehicles. This was 3.8% more than in 2014 and it broke the record set in 2013.

SUVs were so popular, sales grew 15.9% and took up a whopping 35.4% of the market, up from 31.7% in 2014. In fact, Australians bought more SUVs than small cars, even though small cars were four of the top 10 bestsellers.

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More Councils urged to adopt NSWLLS

In an effort to reduce wear and tear on country roads, as well as make transportation more efficient, the state government developed the NSW Livestock Loading Scheme (NSWLLS) in 2012. The Scheme also includes driver education and practical training for professional drivers, to help ensure the safety of all road users.

However, while not everyone is yet on board with the scheme, an independent review has found that the benefits to country roads as well as regional residents and workers could be great.

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New Car Sales May 2015

Despite the Australian economy not looking as healthy as in recent months, consumers continue to push up new  car sales.

Based on the latest May numbers released by the Federal Chamber of Industries (FCAI), there were 93,327 new cars brought that month. While this figure is 1.3 per cent down on May 2014, 2015 year to date is 2.5 per cent ahead of last year – a massive 452,577 new vehicles sold over the first five months.

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ANCAP reduces road trauma and death

In the next five years, serious trauma and deaths on roads will decrease by at least one third according to the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). This is due to the fact that most Australians will be travelling in cars with an ANCAP five-star safety rating.

It is estimated that close to half (40 per cent) of the kilometres driven this year will be in cars with the safety ratings.

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Roadside Assistance Stats

Latest research reveals that at least 20 percent of vehicle owners in NSW do not have roadside assistance. This compares favourably to Tasmania and Darwin where 40 and 35 percent respectively do not sign up for assistance.

The study conducted by research company Roy Morgan indicates that NSW ranks closer to the national average of 23 percent.

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Car sales grow in NSW

Car sales in New South Wales are on the rise, according to figures released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive industries (FCAI).

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Sydney to host international road safety event

An international two-day conference on road safety is making its way to Sydney.

This is the first time the International Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention is being held outside Europe. The annual event is to be held in November.

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Car Colour and Crash Risk: Should You Really Care?

People have different reasons for choosing the colour of their car.  But when it comes to safety, does the colour of your car make a difference?

According to a Monash University study, there is a direct link between the colour of the car you drive and the risk of having a crash. Why is this?

The simple fact is that white is the most highly visible colour, especially when viewed against the dark road surface. So it is deemed to be the safest colour – not red, not yellow.

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