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More apps to help drivers and commuters

Article PhotoSmartphones have an undeniable presence in the lives of Australians, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by developers, corporates and even government bodies. Now, Transport NSW has joined the crusade with its own range of smartphone applications, or apps to assist the state’s road users.

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Duncan Gay has announced the release of two new apps, Commute and Commuter NSW, designed to help make road users’ lives easier when it comes to planning their route.

“Commute and Commuter NSW are the two newest apps to help customers plan their journeys by providing comparison information on driving and public transport travel times, the best route options and optimum time to leave,” says Mr Gay.

Taking advantage of a connected NSW

According to analytics company Statista, as much as 78 per cent of the Australian population are estimated to use smartphones, with the percentage only expected to increase.

A recent Gallup poll identified that a staggering 46 per cent of respondents reported that they couldn’t imagine life without their smartphones.

Following the introduction of the new apps, it is yet to be seen whether keeping drivers up to date with the latest traffic updates will perhaps help to ease congestion in the state – particularly in Sydney, which has been named the most congested city in Australia by TomTom.

“These new apps are great – they allow you to type into your phone where and when you’re going and the app will tell you what the fastest route is at that exact time,” says Mr Gay.

“No longer do you have to wonder what the traffic will be like on any particular morning – these apps make your phone like a pocket sized crystal ball.”

Mr Gay continued that the apps’ timely arrival will make them especially useful during the planned Sydney CBD upgrades, where road blockages and construction could make for a potentially frustrating commute.

Taking a closer look at the applications

The NSW Government collaborated with developers to produce the new apps, with the latest two adding to the four released in March 2015 on the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play.

“We know there is an appetite and demand for digital tools to plan trips, compare modes and calculate the ideal departure time – which is why we keep encouraging and teaming up with the developer super stars, to continually build on tools available for our customers,” says Mr Gay.

According to Transport for NSW, the developers accessed the department’s own data as well as that of Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to create the apps.

  • Commute: One of the recently released apps, the app allows commuters to compare different routes and transport options, also with a predictive functionality which remembers previous travel enquiries and refers to a user’s calendar events.
  • Commuter NSW: The second of the two new apps, Commuter NSW presents a user with different travel options, including public transport, showing how ETA will change with different departure times. In addition, users can store their daily commute to enable the app to better predict the duration of their trips, given the circumstances on the road.

The other apps available for customers at present include:

  • Auto: An app for people who want an estimated time of arrival for a selection of frequently visited destinations to provide them with a recommended time of departure.
  • EasyDrop: Targeted at commercial delivery drivers, EasyDrop is an app to help manage delivery schedules and find the quickest routes with traffic updates.
  • Plan A: Designed to provide updates on congestion, suggested travel times and alerts for when to leave recommended for those with busy schedules.
  • Snarl: Provides users with location-based updates on congestion and road incidents in proximity to the user’s travel route.

“This government is not only delivering transport upgrades, but also technology to get users to their destinations faster and with more ease,” concludes Mr Gay.

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