Motorists save on Licence renewal costs

NSW drivers have saved approximately $70 million through half price licence renewals over the past two-and-a-half years, according to the latest report from Transport for NSW.

Motorists have saved up to $85 after changes to the scheme were announced in 2012.

Transport for NSW expects that more than half of the state’s 2.1 million drivers have benefited from the system. The figures were announced by the Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay, who supports the state’s initiative to encourage good driving behaviour.

“The NSW Government is leading the country in rewarding good drivers,” said Mr Gay in a recent media release. “NSW is the only state that offers a 50 per cent reduction in licence fees.”

Rewarding NSW’s good drivers

The licence discount falls under the state’s Fair Go for Safe Drivers campaign, an initiative established to reward safe driving behaviour and also toensure all drivers have a current licence.

The discount is available to those who are renewing their unrestricted licence within six months of the expiry date, while those who put off the update must pay the full amount. Over the past two-and-a-half years, Transport for NSW reports that over 850,000 drivers have taken advantage of the licence discount.

Mr Gay commended the success of the program since its commencement, as it both rewards drivers doing the right thing as well as providing an incentive for better road safety.

“I am all about rewarding the good guys and helping bring down the costs of living,” he said in a media release. “I’d much prefer to hand out positive rewards than penalties and I bet the community feels the same.”

According to the Transport for NSW report, almost 500,000 of the motorists who have been awarded a discount on their licence have been women. Mr Gay went on to state that the current driving trend indicates women display safer driving habits than their male counterparts.

At present, a full priced, unrestricted one-year licence is $54, while for three years and five years the prices are $128 and $170 respectively.

Eligibility for a licence fee discount

For drivers looking to get their licence renewed for half price, the requirements according to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) are as follows:
•    Drivers must hold any class of unrestricted NSW licence due to expire from July 1 2012
•    Learner and provisional P1 or P2 licences are not covered by the discount scheme
•    Interstate and overseas licences are not eligible for the discount
•    Drivers must have held their NSW licence for a minimum of five years continuously
•    Licence tenure must not have been interrupted (cancelled, refused, expired or suspended) for six months or more, unless on medical grounds
•    Drivers must have no relevant* offences including demerits and major convictions on their licence in the past five years leading up to the date of renewal

Mr Gay’s advice for those wanting to save on their next licence renewal is simple.

“If you want to get half price off your driver’s licence, simply stick to the speed limit and don’t put the lives of others at risk through thoughtless and dangerous behaviour.”

*According to RMS, some of the offences noted in your traffic record won’t necessarily count towards your eligibility for a discounted licence fee.

RMS also reminds motorists on its website that while the discount will not apply for those appealing an offence at the time they renew their licence, they may be still be eligible for a 50 per cent refund should the appeal go through.

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