Motor vehicle sales fall slightly in May 2014

The number of new motor vehicle sales in New South Wales fell slightly during May, according to the latest release from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

In total, May saw a trend estimate of 91,764 new vehicles sold throughout Australia. This figure has decreased slightly compared to April 2014. However, the seasonally adjusted estimate (92,410 vehicles) rose by 0.3 per cent when compared to the same month.

In terms of vehicle type, sales of passenger vehicles fell by 0.9 per cent (trend) and sales of other vehicles fell by 0.7 per cent (trend) from April to May this year. Interestingly, sports utility vehicle sales rose by 0.7 per cent (trend) and 1.8 per cent (seasonally adjusted) during this time.

For NSW, the number of new vehicles sold in May reached 29,068 (trend) or 29,193 (seasonally adjusted). There were more sales in NSW during May than any of the other states or territories. Victoria was the next closest with 24,584 vehicles sold (trend), and the Australian Capital Territory was the farthest behind with just 1,385 vehicles sold (trend).

When comparing May to April 2014, NSW’s trend vehicle sales had decreased by 0.5 per cent (or 0.4 per cent seasonally adjusted). In the change from the same month last year, NSW recorded a 0.6 per cent fall in new vehicle sales (trend).

According to the ABS seasonally adjusted estimates, the Northern Territory had the biggest decrease in sales between April to May 2014, falling by 19.2 per cent.

Motor vehicle sales have been declining steadily in New South Wales since the beginning of this year, when 29,621 (trend) sales were recorded during January. This fell to 29,500 in February, 29,349 in March and 29,214 in April.

The ABS estimates there were 568 cars per 1,000 people last year, and in 2012 approximately 7 in 10 people aged 18 years or older drove their passenger vehicle to work or full time study locations.

With just 16 per cent of Australians using public transport in 2012, the overwhelming preference for passenger vehicles is clear.

However, purchasing a new motor vehicle in Australia comes with specific rules and regulations.

Purchasing and registering a new vehicle in NSW

If you’re buying a brand new vehicle from a motor dealer in NSW, they should be able to complete the registration process for you provided you have a current licence or evidence of previous vehicle registration in the state.  You will be required to pay stamp duty, registration and ctp insurance (greenslip).

Registration fees are currently calculated using the tare (unladen) weight of the vehicle.  Seven insurers are licensed to issue greenslips in NSW.  You can compare prices for all seven by going to our green slip calculator.

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