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safe driving tips

5 safe driving tips for holidays

If you’re planning a long car trip in the summer holidays, you want to arrive safely. Make sure you check your vehicle thoroughly or organise a service before you set off. Then follow our 5 safe driving tips for an enjoyable holiday. Read More

thinking transfer

How do I transfer registration to NSW?

Do you need to transfer vehicle registration to NSW? You must do this within 3 months if you’ve moved here from interstate with an interstate vehicle. If you live in NSW but have just bought a vehicle registered in another state or territory, you need to transfer registration. Find out the simple steps to transfer registration to NSW. Read More

4 ways to keep your car safe in a heatwave

Summer is here and it’s the time when you load up the car and take a long trip. In extreme heat, your car needs as much care as you do. Did you know call-outs for overheating engines almost double between November and February? Here are some simple ways to keep your car (and you) safe in a heatwave. Read More

used car

Is it better to buy a new or used car in 2023?

The market for new and used cars in Australia is looking healthy. Sales of new cars in September 2022 were up 12% after rising 17% in August. After a post-Covid lull, stock levels and supply are picking up. Meanwhile, strong demand but low supply have already pushed prices of used cars to record highs. Is it better to buy a new or a used car? You decide. Read More

spend $15 different fund levy clawback

What is the Fund Levy?

Many vehicle owners in NSW ask us about the Fund Levy. They wonder if greenslips.com.au calculator prices include the Fund Levy. Here we set out levy amounts for each vehicle type and geographical region and what the levy pays for. Read More


Is your car as sustainable as you think?

Choosing a sustainable car is not as easy as it sounds. It all depends on how you define sustainability. A new European program, Green NCAP, compares common brands of cars for their lifetime environmental impact. It looks at the best and worst cases, with some surprising results. Read More

high cost of owning a car

Why do I need CTP if I have comprehensive insurance?

You still need CTP insurance even if you have comprehensive insurance. This is because CTP is mandatory insurance to cover people who are injured or die in a road accident. Comprehensive insurance is not mandatory and covers only property damage. We explore the differences between comprehensive and CTP insurance and which factors influence the prices of your premiums. Read More