New ways to buy cars

Buying a vehicle is probably the second biggest purchase we make in life but it’s not always a positive experience. After all, there is a lot of pressure to make the right choice. Now there are new ways to buy new cars which could streamline the experience. One is buying new vehicles in shopping centres, just like other consumer products, and another is buying via a car company website.

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Do toll roads give us what we pay for?

Some toll roads in Sydney are so congested during peak hours that travelling times are much lower than forecast. Even so, drivers are paying the same tolls on each trip. Is it fair that we pay tolls whether or not we have a fast or predictable journey?

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Distracted driving – what to do about it

In 2016, nearly three times as many men than women died in crashes on NSW roads. It’s a terrible statistic considering it is usually twice as many men who die. It is worse considering the efforts made to reduce distracted driving to bring the road toll down.

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Dirty cars – The death of diesel?

Diesel, once hailed as more efficient and less polluting than petrol, may be on the way out. While the VW saga drew attention to diesel emissions, there are signs this fuel is losing favour.

Authorities can see the polluting effect of diesel.

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Parking fines: Move to Melbourne

People who no longer live in Sydney often say they left because of traffic and parking headaches. Even Melburnians pay much lower fines for the same offences than Sydneysiders, who are racking up huge parking fines. Meanwhile, councillors in Adelaide are calling for CBD parking fines to be cut in half because they are deterring visitors.

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Why it’s not enough to get your hand off it

The Get your hand off it campaign begun in June 2013 warned against using hand-held mobile phones while driving. Yet Queensland University of Technology (QUT) found using a hands-free mobile while driving is just as distracting as holding one.

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What’s happening to bicycle riding?

Copenhagen is bicycle city – there are now more bikes than cars! In 1970, there were about 350,000 cars and 100,000 bikes. Today, there are 265,700 bike riders compared to 253,600 car drivers, right in the heart of the city.

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fuel efficiency

Australians want fuel efficiency first

When Australians are buying a car, what is the biggest factor in their minds? You might think it is power, but 80% of buyers make fuel efficiency their top priority. A survey commissioned by Ford in 11 Asian countries found 29% of Australian buyers who end up choosing a powerful car regret they didn’t pick a more fuel efficient one.

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