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Call for CTP Review

A review of the Motor Accidents Authority (MAA) was released this week and some parties are not happy with the findings.

The NSW Parliamentary Law and Justice Standing Committee released its eleventh review into the MAA and the Motor Accidents Council (MAC) on Tuesday.  A copy of the report is available here.

Amongst other things, the report found that for the last five years there is a gap between the profit insurance companies project for the purpose of setting greenslip premiums and the profit they actually make.

The NSW Bar Association says that this represented a fundamental flaw in the greenslip scheme in NSW and, along with the NSW Greens, has called for an overhaul of the scheme.

The Insurance Council of Australia argues that the higher profits result from fewer claims on the scheme.

Motorbike Greenslips Down

The NSW Government has announced that the average greenslip price for motorbikes will fall by up to 19% from 1 January 2012.  All motorbikes are to benefit except those in the 1,126 to 1,325cc class.

The real test will come when you renew your greenslip.

Let us know how you go.  Respond to this blog with your experience.

Govt Rejects CTP Increases

The Government has issued a press release today stating that the Motor Accidents Authority (MAA), at the request of the Government, has rejected greenslip price increases of up to 15%.  The increased premiums were to come into effect from 1 January 2012.

Minister for Finance and Services Greg Pearce said in the release that motorists had been spared up to $57.00 and that the best price for Sydney metropolitan sedans will remain in the range of $460.00 to $480.00 from 1 January 2012.

M5 Delays

Reports this morning that it took one hour and thirty minutes to travel from Heathcote Road to the airport tunnel on the M5.  Guess what?  They were still charging the toll!

Why more than 1 greenslip?

If, as a “private” vehicle registrar would you not be able to have 2 modes of transport covered by 1 greenslip. You cannot operate 2 vehicles at once! I have a car and a bike and will use the bike in safe clear weather to keep my thirstier car off the road. I also use the bike for some more interesting road travelling. Therefore i will drive 1 at a time. If the greenslip system is designed to cover other peoples medical expenses that I may contribute to (accident) then why cant I have the one green slip cover the 2 vehicles I register. The rorting could be a factor if 1 person were to try and claim 10 vehicles as their own but surely this can be counteracted with a reasonable limit to 2 different forms of transport only (possibly 3). It is ridiculous to have to pay $1200-1400 dollars a year for greenslips on 2 vehicles used at different times.

Battle of $77 green slip lift

There is an interesting article in today’s The Daily Telegraph by Andrew Clennell, titled “Battle of $77 green slip lift”.  The article says that the State Government, through the Motor Accidents Authority (MAA), is pushing back on requests by insurers for increased CTP greenslip premiums.

Under the current legislation, the MAA may reject a premium proposed by an insurer if, in its opinion, the premium will not fund liabilities under the scheme, the premium is excessive or the premium does not comply with guidelines issued by the MAA.

If the MAA and the insurer are not able to reach agreement on the premium, the matter may be resolved by an arbitrator agreed on by the parties, or in the absence of agreement on an arbitrator, by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART).

ABC Report on Compensation

The ABC ran a program last week looking at concerns over the eligibility of accident victims to compensation under the NSW CTP Greenslip scheme.  It is argued that the threshold for entitlement to compensation is too high.  To be eligible for compensation, accident victims must satisfy the 10% whole person impairment test.  The program also focuses on compensation paid out relative to the price of greenslips and insurer profitability.

You can watch the program at

Motorbike v 4WD Greenslip Cost

Please explain why a CTP insurance is twice as expensive for my Motorcycle than my Landcruiser 4×4. If I understand this scheme correctly, I am far more likely to cause serious injury or death as a “”at fault”” driver/rider , to another road user, in my 2.7 ton 4×4 than I ever will, riding my Motorcycle, yet I pay twice as much??

College St Cycleway Disaster

I have commented in the past about cycleways in the Sydney CBD and feel compelled to do so again. My comments this time are specifically about the cycleway in College Street, between the Cathedral and William Street.

I do not understand why cyclists run the risk in College Street traffic when there is a new cycleway running a parallel path. Any week day afternoon there are many cyclists weaving through the traffic in College Street and yet the cycleway is largely unused. Last Friday afternoon I witnessed an altercation between a driver and two cyclists at the William Street lights.

Something needs to be done. College Street is dangerous for cyclists and for drivers.

If the cycleway is badly designed and in the wrong place, admit defeat and move it so that it can be used, otherwise get rid of the cycleway. What is the point of retaining a cycleway that is not used?

Finally, if the cycleway is to be retained, then cyclists should be forced to use it.

NSW Speed Zoning Guidelines

The NSW Centre for Road Safety & Roads and Traffic Authority NSW have issued new NSW Speed Zoning Guidelines. The guidelines set out the principles for the application of speed zones in NSW. A copy is available at this link.