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Double the price for new green

I am 29 years old and had my licence for more than 10 years with no accidents. When I went to renew my greenslip the price was $627. This was nearly double what I pain last year!!!. I was living in christchurch several years before (under 25 at the time) and paid $650 for full comprehensive insurance. The system in NSW is a joke and why are the insurance companies allowed to get away with this ??

Where’s the consistency

The CTP on my motorcycle, Suzuki GS500F is due in February, so I thought I’d run a comparison of quotes before deciding on whether to stay with my current insurer, QBE, who quoted $337 for 12 months. I went into the MAA greenslip comparison site and this is what I was quoted: Insurer 6mth price 12mth price AAMI $273.00 $525.00 Allianz $196.00 $378.00 CIC-Allianz $198.00 $381.00 GIO $163.29 $313.04 NRMA $198.31 $381.92 QBE $176.00 $337.00 Zurich $267.00 $517.00 As you can see the cheapest is $313 and the most expensive $525 that’s over $200 difference. You can’t tell me that is fair!! Funny thing is, when I then got a quote for a brand new BMW K1200S motorcycle, guess what… all the quotes stayed the same apart from QBE who went up to QBE $265.00 $513.00 Something just doesn’t seem right here !

Not Fairly Judged

As i read some of the blogs below, i think they do need to change the laws a bit especially when they have increased the “at risk” age to under 30. I remember myself when i was 24 and i couldnt wait to be 25 so i can finally pay a cheaper greenslip and now im 29 and i cant wait till im 30 to do the same. I have been a very good driver with no accidents at all. I think age should be no reason to judge someone but more on driving experience. I’ve been driving since i was 16, got my “Ps” at 17 and my full licence at 18 before the laws changed, so basically i have been driving for a long time now. But what annoys me is there are people who are getting there licence for the first time at over 30 with not much driving experience and they will get to pay cheaper greenslip insurances, which is totally unfair!


I am a 21yr old male driver, obvioulsy i fall into a bad category. BUT I have never had an accident, never had a speeding ticket or ticket of any sort, not even a parking ticket. I have been driving for 4 yrs without one run in with the law, accident or anything. I have to pay for my insurance, rego etc without any help on a small wage while studying. Yes I drive a V8 utefor the mere fact they are nice cars and im sure that doesnt help being under 21 but i think young drivers who dont get into trouble with the law like some of these idiots that do, should be rewarded with cheaper CTP, insurance etc, prices like over 25’s get. More to the point, my CTP arrived yday and went from $350 last yr to $710, how do they explain this?? When i didnt have an accident, i didnt get one fine, nothing. They dont have an explanation when i ask them. Its plain out, ripping us off and im Fed up with it!!! Its a joke.

CTP Solution for under 30s

I’m 28 years old and I had just recieved my CTP Greenslip from AAMI and they quoted me $623. Last year I payed $389. Everywhere I looked it was around the $600 mark. After searching everywhere online and making numerous phone calls the cheapest place I found was They quoted me $442.17. I highly recommend these guys as they come in almost $200 cheaper. Phone number is 1300 369 022

What a hike in price!!!

I was just gob smacked when I received my greenslip renewal this year. What a hike! I am 32 haven’t had any accidents, and my greenslip for my little 1998 mitsubishi mirage has gone up by $280, they now want me to pay $628.76. This is with NRMA!! Hubby and I also have another car in my name a 2001 Holden Commodore and we only paid $385.09 earlier this year. Go figure how they work all this out!! The Commodore greenslip will probably be close to $1000.00 next year by the looks of things. This is just not acceptable!!!!

Greenslip price hike for under

Hi I’m 29 years old. My greenslip renewal slip from AAMI for this year quoted me $421.00 which is exactly $100 more than what I paid for last year. I did an online quote on this website and all other insurers quoted around the same price. NRMA is the cheapest at $2.08 less than AAMI. Unusual for NRMA to be cheaper than AAMI, might have been the fact that I’m an NRMA member. I’m obviously a year older now and a bit wiser than I was last year so why I am getting slugged a hundred bucks more despite the fact that I have a 65% maximum no claim bonus rating, driving for more than 10 years and no accidents in the last 5. Does that not have any bearing at all?

Are insurance companies not making enough money as it is?? I checked this website earlier and it did explain that insurance companies changed the age threshold for high risk drivers from under 25’s to under 30’s. I also did another online quote on this website and put my age as 30. Voila! GIO gave me the cheapest quote at $356.68 and with the best cover. But still – I am paying less when I was 28 than I will be at 30. This does not make any sense to me at all. This exercise only proved the fact that I am still a year away from being in the “non-high risk” category. There’s an emerging pattern here. When I was 24, I longed to be 25 so I can pay less insurance. Now that I’m over 25, I’m still paying more! Now I long to be 30 so I can pay less. But what’s next??

Let me guess, insurance companies will change the high risk category to under 35’s?? Why is my age group being targetted?? Fair enough there’s a handful of hoons in my newly expanded age group but there’s also a lot of sensible drivers in this age group that do not deserve to be punished for a handful of people being stupid. Is it my own fault I was born in 1979? Is it our fault that the RTA gave a passing mark to these drivers that had accidents on NSW roads? There is clearly some degree of prejudice here. At this rate, there will probably come a time that I’m already 55 and I’m still in the high risk category. Then I’m just a few years away from another high risk category – the mature age group. (Now I’m not very sure about this, please correct me if I am wrong.) Insurance companies – clean up your act. Stop taking us ordinary motorists for a ride and expecting us to just cop it in the chin. We only want what is fair.

bad to good to bad

I am 29 years old. I turned into a good driver at the age of 25 (according to the insurance companies, anyway), and now all of a sudden I am a bad driver again? When I am 39, they will bump the age to 40. I am destined to pay more. But dont worry, the ACCC will look after us. (right after they fix the fuel price issue)

Greenslip Price Hikes – Press

There has been much press in the last few days about increases in the cost of greenslips. The focus has been on the fact that some insurers have reputedly included drivers under 30 in the high risk category, previously for drivers under 25. The reported result is a significant increase in the cost of greenslips for drivers under 30. Is this your experience? Regardless of your age, comment below and tell us how the price of your greenslip has changed. If we receive sufficient response we will publish the results.

Click on the link below and let us have your comments. Tell us of your experience with the cost of your greenslip. Is the cost of your greenslip increasing? If so, by how much?