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Motorcycle Greenslips

What has engine capacity got to do with causing injury or death to a third party? How can a motorcycle (whatever the engine capacity) possibly cause the same amount of injury/death as a car? The MAA and the insurers need to come clean and explain how these costs are calculated. As the CTP system is compulsory the goverment should be trying to keep costs as low as possible and insurance companies should be limited to a base profit from this product.

Capacity not the Issue

i understand that they are targeting inexperienced higher risk learners..who for the most part are subjected to 250cc bikes..but why not just increase the price due to licence grade not capacity of the bike. i have spent most my motorcycling life almost 20 yrs on smaller capacity bikes which are not learner legal anyhow..production 2 strokes, for the reason that they are cheap to buy,own tyres, rego, insurance but now this will just kill even more especially older 250s… paying rego every year which is half the cost of the bike…who voted for this..!!!! dont we live in a demoracy dont we get a say…im sure the pple makin the decisions dont ride.

Change to Demerit Points

Premier Kristina Keneally this week has announced changes to the demerit points scheme and changes to the requirement for signage for mobile speed cameras.

Unrestricted licence holders will receive one additional demerit point for a total of thirteen and professional drivers will receive an additional two demerit points for a total of fourteen.

The period to which points apply will remain at three years.

Demerit points will be reduced or removed for twenty-two driving offences.

Warning signs must be positioned at least fifty metres before vehicles containing mobile speed cameras and those vehicles must be signposted and marked in bright colours.

The News Release from the Premier setting out the changes is available on this site.

CTP Money Grab

Yet another scam by the NSW government. I ride a 250cc bike and I don’t want to go and get a larger bike, now my rego has effectively doubled, 89%. This is totally aimed at the learner engine capacity because most people at some stage must own a bike of that engine capacity. NSW, the most expensive state to live in, probably will not change even with a different government, but elections provide hope.

Very Angry

I’m sure you’re getting plenty of these…but here’s another complaint about the increase in motorcycle CTP. I’ve been riding bikes for more than 15 years and have NEVER had an accident either at fault or innocent. I’ve held comprehensive insurance every year for 15 years. I’ve NEVER claimed. Now you are increasing my CTP by 34.9% becasue I own a R1200GS. Hardly a “racing hoons” bike. Meanwhile I could by a supersports 600cc and receive a 27.3% discount.

Have a look at yourselves. No wonder no one likes insurers. No wonder the NSW Labor Govt wouldn’t face the protest. Disgraceful. A great way to get more people into more cars to further conjest our already overflowing roads. This increase is appalling. Surely if I take our comprehensive insurance there is no need for CTP. Agrieved? Angry? Annoyed? You bet!

green slips too expensive

Why has the cost of green slips nearly doubled in 18 months whilst a GFC took place, it has just cost me $1100 to register my car for one year. What am i rewarded with for my efforts? more congested roads covered in bike paths, more redlight and speed cameras trying there best to releive me of yet more hard earned cash and city rangers waiting to pounce if i dare to park within 10kms of the CBD!!!!!!! Us drivers should all get together and refuse to pay another penny to this corrupt self serving government!! Also am yet to see clover moore using the new bourke st bikepath!!!

Greenslip Renewals

We are getting feedback that some vehicle owners, particularly motorbike owners, are not purchasing greenslips and renewing the rego on their vehicles because of the price. Some owners are expressing the view that they are considering the risk of using the vehicle unregistered. Does this apply to you? Have you had to stop using your vehicle because of the cost of the greenslip? Express your view by commenting on this post.

Greenslip not so friendly

I ride a 250 cc bike to work everyday to save on fuel and traffic congestion. What is my reward. A ridiculously more expensive green slip. Think I’ll get back into my 4wd and become a road hog again. Really P****D off.

Check Greenslip Prices

Every year I receive my Greenslip renewal which is always more expensive than the others even though I chose the cheapest last year… I makes little difference who you buy if from (except perhaps the changes from 1 April). So… every year I change my provider, cause they expect us to be lazy and not check price comparisons, and that how they make the big bucks! Unfortunately, it will always be… let the buyer beware!!!

% Increase over the top

My green slip has risen 11.06% for the cheapest from 7 insurers and my car rego has risen 10.07% from last year. Who else can get a 10% + rise on their products, I wish I could, but I have competition!!!