CIC Allianz – No At-Fault Driver Protection Insurance and No Payment By Credit Card

In our blog of 2 February 2010 we explained that CIC Allianz no longer accepts payment by credit card. It does not offer at-fault driver protection insurance.

Go to head office

To purchase a CIC Allianz greenslip, CIC Allianz is advising potential customers to go to the Allianz head office at 2 Market Street Syndey and pay by cash or cheque.  This also applies to renewals.  You can pay by credit card through some brokers or agents who sell CIC Allianz greenslips, however CIC Allianz will not help you find a broker or agent.

CIC Allianz do not offer an online service to purchase or renew your greenslip.

If you find a broker or agent, or make it in to Market Street in Sydney, you need also be aware that CIC Allianz is no longer issuing At-Fault Driver Protection Insurance with its CTP greenslips.

It seems CIC Allianz is doing all it can to discourage customers other than business or fleet customers.

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