Can Assist Lithgow gets vital new funding

Can Assist Lithgow

A welcome donation from to Can Assist Lithgow will help cancer patients in the area keep their cars on the road. Patients in country areas, like Lithgow, often have to travel long distances to get to treatment.

Can Assist is a charity that works with regional cancer patients. It helps cover medical costs that Medicare does not cover. This includes pharmaceuticals, accommodation, utilities, household bills, rent, food vouchers and now CTP green slips insurance. 

Volunteers with Can Assist also willingly provide practical support to patients who ask for it. Can Assist Lithgow welcomes new volunteers with open arms for this rewarding work.

For more, read the Lithgow Mercury, Can Assist Lithgow branch to help patients with CTP green slip insurance, 9 May 2022.

For the print version, see Boost for LIthgow Can Assist, 13 May 2022.



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