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Media release, 24 July 2019: Can Assist Armidale is encouraging cancer patients in need and who rely on their car to get to treatment, to reach out for help following an injection of funds from

A cancer diagnosis in rural or remote NSW can bring the additional burden of travelling long distances to treatment. Through a new partnership with, Can Assist Armidale will help ease that burden, and help local cancer patients to keep their car on the road when they need it most.

Can Assist provides financial support towards day-to-day necessities such as accommodation, fuel vouchers, food vouchers, utilities payments and flights, to name a few. Adult patients of all ages have sought support from Can Assist Armidale and they want to help more patients in need, especially with the payment of their compulsory CTP green slip insurance.

“We support a big area north to Inverell and east to the coast. Most of our patients have to access treatment beyond Armidale, travelling to Tamworth, Sydney or Brisbane. This funding from is very useful as we have a big need to support our patient’s mobility. Our cancer patients need their cars to access treatment and the kilometres and costs quickly add up,” said Can Assist Armidale President Fiona Kelly.

“One patient’s trip to their cancer specialist appointment was a 770km round trip in a day. When you have cancer your independence and own mobility is essential, as is your privacy. When you’re feeling unwell following treatment, the privacy of your own car means a lot and can make all the difference.

“Can Assist Armidale is an amazing group of volunteers and we’re here to help anyone in our community who needs support through their cancer journey. Can Assist helped me 15 years ago to offset the initial costs of cancer. I was in a new town, a new job and Can Assist’s support made all the difference during a very difficult time,” said Kelly.

Can Assist is a community-based volunteer network, funded entirely by local donations and corporate sponsorship, with all money raised locally staying local.

“It is marvelous to have this donation from because we have people whose cars are off the road. They can’t afford all the associated costs of keeping their car on the road and they can’t get to treatment,” explained Can Assist Armidale Treasurer Kerrie Pearson

The contribution from for CTP insurance is a great help, and a perfect example of the opportunity for other corporate partners to get involved. All support is welcome, no matter how big or small.

“I hate to think of anyone going without their most essential needs such as groceries, electricity and their car. No one in country NSW should have to go without. Can Assist is here to help them financially, and I hope no one is too proud to ask for our help,” said Pearson.

Can Assist Armidale invite cancer patients to come forward and seek their support. It is as simple as calling the local branch on 0429 785 105, and asking your doctor or community social worker for a referral. All enquiries and ongoing support are strictly confidential.

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Media contacts

Sophie Bartho, Mobile 0411 191 141
Mary Cassidy, Mobile 0414 652 442

Interviews and photo opportunities are available with Can Assist Armidale.

About Can Assist

Can Assist is committed to ensuring that all people, regardless of where they live in NSW, have access to cancer treatment and care. By providing accommodation, financial assistance and practical support to people from rural and regional areas, it ensures country people are given the same opportunities and treatment choices as those who live in city centres.

Can Assist Facts

  • Established in 1955, Can Assist is funded entirely by local donations and corporate sponsorships. In 2018 it assisted 7,300 rural and regional cancer patients through 55 branches across NSW.
  • Cancer is expensive, and people in rural and remote communities can suffer reduced income and increased expenses as a result of a cancer diagnosis. Their position is often exacerbated because treatment may require relocation from home and family support.
  • Can Assist is a grass roots, community-based volunteer network. It is local volunteers supporting local families affected by cancer.
  • All the money raised locally stays local.
  • is a new partner of Can Assist. is a price comparison and information service for CTP green slip insurance. It does not sell CTP green slip insurance.
  • has supported Can Assist branches in Orange and Finley, with commitments to give further support across NSW.


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