Can Assist Dubbo and helping cancer patients

The Dubbo Daily Liberal published an article on our support for the Can Assist branch in Dubbo. Dubbo branch, in particular, supports cancer patients who are required to travel long distances for treatment, so keeping their cars on the road is vital. We can help in a small way with a contribution towards the cost of greenslips.

Our support is not structured in the manner set out in the article. We provide funding to the branch for the purchase of greenslips for cancer patients in need and who rely on their car to get to treatment. We also provide assistance to make sure cancer patients are aware of the support offered by Can Assist. Our support is being rolled out on a branch by branch basis and is in no way tied to website traffic as stated in the article.

The full article is available in the Dubbo Daily Liberal of 2 August 2019.

Image courtesy of Belinda Soole.

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