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What is a Green Slip?

Greenslip is the term commonly used in NSW for Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. A greenslip is an insurance policy that covers the vehicle owner for people killed or injured in a motor vehicle accident involving their vehicle.

A greenslip is a legal requirement for all motor vehicles registered in NSW, except trailers, which are covered by the towing vehicle. A greenslip does not cover damage to cars or property.

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Why Do I Need a Green Slip?

CTP greenslips are mandatory in NSW because even very good and experienced drivers are sometimes involved in road accidents.

CTP insurance provides protection from the burden of paying for somebody else’s injuries, especially if they are serious and lifelong. Many people do not have the financial resources to pay the considerable legal and health costs of treating somebody’s serious injuries from a vehicle accident.

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Why Compare Prices?

It is worth comparing greenslip prices before renewing registration. Prices vary and the cheapest insurer last year may not be the cheapest insurer this year. Insurers charge different prices depending on customer risk levels.

Insurers use their own weightings to different risk factors to determine the premiums they will charge. Only one insurer now includes At-Fault Driver Cover with its greenslips as an added benefit.

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Latest News & Articles

  • Excess insurer profit returned to motorists

    Motorists can look forward to cheaper greenslips in 2022 when excess insurer profits are returned. A mechanism in the new NSW CTP scheme allows State Insurance Regulatory Authority to intervene when insurer profit goes over 10%. The average saving on a greenslip will be about $19.

  • Allianz stops offering At-Fault Driver Protection insurance

    Allianz stopped offering At-Fault Driver Protection insurance from 1 September 2021. Now NRMA Insurance is the only remaining CTP insurer in NSW to offer At-Fault Driver Cover.

  • Youi enters NSW CTP market

    General insurer, Youi Pty Ltd, has received permission to enter the NSW CTP market from 1 December 2020. It is the first insurer to join the CTP scheme for many years and the only new entrant since reform in December 2017.

  • New Personal Injury Commission simplifies disputes

    The NSW government has decided to create a new Personal Injury Commission. It will resolve disputes for injured road users and workers wanting compensation. Currently, State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) deals with motor accident injuries and Workers Compensation Commission (WCC) handles worker injuries.

  • Stimulus package for the taxi industry

    The taxi industry has suffered two big setbacks in recent times – Uber and Covid19. Recently, taxi drivers lost most of their work taking people to and from the airport. Cancellation of events and working from home made it even worse. In response, the NSW government has just announced a $12.6 million stimulus package.

  • How to renew your full drivers or riders licence

    Is it time to renew your drivers or riders licence? Service NSW sends out a reminder in case you forget. In most cases, you can renew your NSW licence online but some people will have to go to a centre in person. Find out how to renew your full NSW licence.

  • The high cost of travel: A congestion tax? Part 2

    London was first to impose a congestion tax to enter the city. Now the NSW government is discussing ideas for a congestion tax in Sydney. It’s also considering road user charges based on how far you travel. If a congestion tax is coming, driving to work could get more expensive.

  • Get the cheapest green slips for motorcycles

    Do you need a green slip for your motorcycle? Unfortunately, motorcycle greenslips can be expensive because riding a motorcycle is risky. Riders have a relatively higher chance of being seriously injured or dying. We explain how green slip prices are set and how much it costs to buy green slips for motorcycles in metro and […]

  • The high cost of travel: In Sydney (part 1)

    The average household in Sydney pays more to get around by car and public transport than others in Australia. It spends a sizeable $474 per week ($24, 670 per year), which swallows 15% of average income. Meanwhile, other city households pay $20,855, compared to $17,195 per year in the regions. Most alarming for everyone is […]

Green Slip NSW

This site is all about CTP Green Slip insurance in NSW.

We are a comprehensive resource for people seeking information or about to purchase a green slip. We help you to compare greenslip prices, products, services and insurers. We explain how the greenslip scheme works.

Our Calculator provides price estimates for all greenslip insurers, based on your vehicle and details. As well as price estimates and insurer contact details, our calculator provides information on other factors to consider, including At-Fault Driver Cover (an additional benefit offered by one insurer) and discounts which may be available on other products. 

Your Green Slip

Greenslips is a generic term for compulsory third party insurance. Greenslips are also referred to as CTP Greenslips, green slips, green slip, greenslip insurance, CTP and CTP Insurance. A greenslip or compulsory third party insurance (CTP) is a legal requirement for vehicles registered in NSW. To register your vehicle you must have a green slip. Your greenslip covers injury to people when your vehicle is involved in an accident.

Your greenslip does not cover damage to property, other vehicles or to your vehicle, nor does the greenslip cover theft. Insurance for those occurrences is available in other policies, which you should consider taking out.

An explanation of how the scheme works and what your greenslip covers is on this site.

Green Slip Price Comparison

Six insurers provide compulsory third party insurance (CTP) in NSW.

Compulsory third party (CTP) Greenslips can be difficult and time consuming to acquire. There is often a considerable price variation between insurers for a CTP Green Slip in NSW, so it is worth the effort to make a greenslip Cost Comparison. It is also worth comparing additional features, accessibility and service of the green slip insurers. This site allows you to do that.

This site is the online directory for CTP greenslips. It is your one stop shop for all CTP greenslip queries. Compare green slip insurers, products and servicesFind out how to get the cheapest green slip in NSW. Bookmark the site for future reference.

We hope you find all you need at this site! If not, contact us, we would love your feedback and comments. If you have a question, contact us and we will get you an answer.