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Greenslip Prices are Coming Down
Greenslip prices for most vehicle types reduced after 1 December 2017.

Taxi owners received an average refund of $1,255 and businesses around $265, from 22 January 2018. Refunds for individual owners began 19 March 2018. Read more

Scheme Changes
Stay tuned for information and updates on the new scheme.

New Website Coming Soon
We will also be launching our new website in April 2018.

greenslips calculator
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Green Slip NSW

This website is all about CTP Green Slip insurance in NSW.

We are a resource for people seeking information or about to purchase a green slip.

We allow you to compare greenslip prices, products, services and insurers. We explain how the greenslip scheme works.

Our Calculator provides price estimates for all the greenslip insurers, based on your vehicle and details. As well as price estimates and insurer contact details, our calculator provides information on other factors you should consider, including at-fault driver cover (an additional benefit offered by two insurers) and discounts which may be available on other products.

Your Green Slip

Greenslips is a generic term for compulsory third party insurance. Greenslips are also referred to as CTP Greenslips, green slips, green slip, greenslip insurance, CTP and CTP Insurance.

A greenslip or compulsory third party insurance (CTP) is a legal requirement for vehicles registered in NSW. To register your vehicle you must have a green slip.

Your greenslip covers injury to people when your vehicle is involved in an accident.

Your greenslip does not cover damage to property, other vehicles or to your vehicle, nor does the greenslip cover theft. Insurance for those occurrences is obtained through different policies, which you should consider taking out.

An explanation of how the scheme works and what your greenslip covers is set out on this website.

Green Slip Price Comparison

Six insurers provide compulsory third party insurance (CTP) in NSW.

Compulsory third party (CTP) Greenslips can be difficult and time consuming to acquire. There is often a considerable price variation between insurers for a CTP Green Slip in NSW, so it is worth the effort to undergo a greenslip Cost Comparison. It is also worth comparing additional features, accessibility and service of the green slip insurers. This website allows you to do that.

This website is the online directory for CTP greenslips. It is your one stop shop for all CTP greenslip queries.

Compare green slip insurers, products and services. Find out how to find the cheapest green slip in NSW.

Bookmark the site for future reference.

We hope you find all you need at this website! If not, contact us, we would love your feedback and comment.

If you have a question, contact us and we will get you an answer.