Bega cancer patients get help with their greenslips

Thanks to new funding from, Bega cancer patients can get help with their greenslips. All they have to do is contact their local Can Assist branch. In this radio story, Simon Lauder interviews Emma Phillips, CEO of Can Assist and discovers what a difference this funding makes. Read More helps cancer patients in the Bega Valley

Bega Valley branch of Can Assist has started a new partnership with It has just received funding to help pay for cancer patients’ green slip insurance. The branch encourages cancer patients in need, and who rely on their car to get to treatment to reach out for help from the local Can Assist Bega branch. Read More

Free greenslips for cancer patients with Dubbo Can Assist

Dubbo Photo News reports that cancer patients in the Dubbo area can get free green slips, thanks to the partnership between and Can Assist Dubbo. Free green slips help people access the treatment they need and take away some of the financial pressure of a cancer diagnosis. Read More

Can Assist Dubbo and helping cancer patients

The Dubbo Daily Liberal published an article on our support for the Can Assist branch in Dubbo. Dubbo branch, in particular, supports cancer patients who are required to travel long distances for treatment, so keeping their cars on the road is vital. We can help in a small way with a contribution towards the cost of greenslips. Read More