Not much time left to get your greenslip refund

There are still 759,000 vehicle owners who have not claimed their share of the $29 million greenslip refund. They have until 30 September 2019 to do so. After that, any money left unclaimed will go towards reducing the Fund Levy. Read More

First performance ratings for NSW CTP insurers

Many vehicle owners use the calculator to help them choose one of the five CTP insurers. While some just want the cheapest price, others want to know more about each insurer. Until now, there has been no official information published about insurer performance in the NSW CTP scheme. Read More

Insurer ratings are on the way

SIRA is calling for feedback on its draft customer service principles for CTP insurers in NSW. As the government body that oversees CTP insurers, it wants more focus on quality customer service. Interested parties have until 19 August 2019 to make a submission. Read More