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greenslips.com.au begins a new partnership with Can Assist

In June 2019, greenslips.com.au got together with Can Assist, the Cancer Patients’ Assistance Society of NSW. Can Assist is a volunteer network that gives financial and practical support to country people in NSW who are affected by cancer.

greenslips.com.au will help pay for CTP green slips so cancer patients who rely on their cars can get to treatment. To start off the partnership, we have decided to fund the Can Assist branches in Orange and Finley.

Can Assist has been going since 1955 and a committed family of volunteers runs each branch. Each branch is funded entirely by local donations and corporate sponsorships, so all money raised locally stays local. In 2018, its 55 branches helped 7,300 rural and regional cancer patients.

Demand for Can Assist services is increasing and local branches welcome the extra funding from businesses such as greenslips.com.au.

Stephen Treacey, founder and owner of greenslips.com.au got the idea after a phone call from the secretary of the Orange branch. She had requested a green slip for someone who could not get to treatment without it. He realised then how something as simple as a green slip could actually affect someone’s access to treatment.

Can Assist CEO, Emma Phillips, believes our partnership will make a practical difference to country cancer patients who often have to travel much further than city people for diagnosis and treatment. Many have to spend a long time away from home and work.

greenslips.com.au hopes our funding will help keep their cars on the road and even save people’s lives.

You can support Can Assist directly.

See our Media pages for more about our partnership.

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